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  • May 13Historic geomagnetic storm gave millions in the U.S. opportunity to see the Northern Lights.
  • May 9After three days of deadly storms, Southern states are preparing for more severe weather.
  • April 29After failing to reach an agreement with student protestors, Columbia University says it will not divest from Israel.
Connor McKee-Sargent

Connor McKee-Sargent, Photographer

Class of 2019, Photographer, preferred portraits. I don’t take selfies, I take self-portraits. I have a ton of free time in the world yet I’m always busy. Pretty sure I have powers like cyclops; or maybe I don’t have eyes. Currently: occupied

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STOP THE FOREST FIRES! Campfires may be a fun summer activity but if they are left unsupervised and go against existing burn bans then they can cause disaster. Along with campfires being a danger to forests, people leaving their cigarette buds still burning on the forest floor during the hot, dry months of the summer can lead to the forest catching on fire.

[PHOTO] Forest Fires

Lea Tucker, Staff Writer
June 11, 2019
With so many options, from what to eat to where to eat, teenagers make a multitude of decisions regarding food every day.

[PHOTO] All About Food

Hayley Lynch, Staff Writer
March 29, 2019
A LITTLE GRATITUDE. At The Garage, a free teen café in Issaquah, accepts optional donations that allow patrons to tip only if they want to. Restaurants with an optional tip allow customers to reward exceptional service but do not make servers reliant on tips for their income.

[PHOTO] The Tipping Point

Kaitlin D'Souza, Staff Writer
December 17, 2018

[PHOTO] Gavin Herman

December 10, 2018

[PHOTO] Luka Kovac

December 10, 2018
APPLICATION SEASON It is college application season, and seniors are in the midst of preparing to hit ‘submit’, but the process begins long before senior year. How are students at IHS preparing for the next big step?

[PHOTO] College Declassified

Hayley Lynch, Staff Writer
November 2, 2018
PRIDE: Senior Mimi Gaudiano  displays their pride flag, which sthey plan to wear as a cape on Oct. 11 for the second year in a row. They made the decision to come out as Nonbinary this September, preferring the pronouns they and them.  Ive been introducing myself with my name and my pronouns, and it;s really wonderful.  Im excited to spend my last year at IHS feeling more like myself, they said.

[PHOTO] Happy Coming Out Day!

Kaitlin D'Souza, Staff Writer
October 10, 2018
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Connor McKee-Sargent