High Fashion, Prom Styles

DRESSED TO SHINE. This year’s prom theme of Hollywood brought the most glamourous suits, dresses, rompers, and shoes to the dancefloor. Students showcased their personalities through their outfits making for diverse fashion and beautiful styles.

Kaitlin D'Souza, Staff Writer

On Saturday June 1, Issaquah High held their annual senior prom at the Museum of Pop Culture. With a theme of Hollywood, a lot of students turned up looking like superstars decked out in their most dazzling clothes. Prom shopping is just as big a rite of passage as prom itself with groups coordinating colors and students often taking hours to pick out the perfect suit or dress for their special night.

Prom suits and dresses can range anywhere from free to hundreds of dollars. Senior Madison Hodges who sewed her own dress says, “I spent a lot less than most girls did buying a dress at the store. It was only about $50 for all of it compared to some girls who spent up to $300.” Specialty dress stores like David’s Bridal sell prom dresses for up to a jaw-dropping $800, a little ridiculous for a dress most girls only wear once. Students such as senior Sophie Lee were able to get their outfits and accessories for free at a special event The Garage (Issaquah’s Teen Cafe) hosted a couple weeks prior to prom where they gave away donated dresses. Borrowing is another cheap way students were able to get clothes for prom. Senior Joseph Quarshie says, “I got my suit from my dad actually. I just saw it and really liked it.” Wearing suits and dresses that used to belong to family members adds a whole new meaning to prom outfits that come at relatively no cost.

Prom is definitely a night to remember, and with all the photos that are taken, it is important to look your best. All sorts of factors went in to how students chose their prom dress from the big things like color to the little things like socks. Senior Sam Griffith says, “I had the shorter pants and sockless look which was very unique, just like me.” Others, like senior Zen Engracia, who wore a gold accented suit, came out decked in bold colors that shone brightly on the dance floor. Even the teachers chaperoning the event were dressed nicely from English teacher Keri Dean’s dark red gown to social studies teacher Jaci Belur’s floral dress.

For the height of comfort, Converse and tennis shoes were a popular option for prom this year, a practical and fashionable alternative to the traditional mile high heels and pinchy dress shoes. Students like Aubrey Wisdom, who wore Vans to prom, were comfortable allowing them to dance the night away without fear of aches and pains the next morning. At the end of the night, some students switched out their heels and dress shoes for more comfortable sandals and sneakers (except for Engracia who did the opposite and stepped into senior Sharon Godavarthi’s silver strappy heels), bringing a whole new level of fashion to the dancefloor. Who knew senior Lauren Campbell’s floor length blue gown would look absolutely stunning with a pair of Birkenstocks?

With so many stunning outfits and new takes on the prom scene, this year’s annual senior prom was unforgettable and definitely the height of fashion.