Issaquah Varsity Football Loses to North Creek

Jake Crevin, Staff Writer

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The filled-to-the-max student section on Friday night wore all pink in honor of Breast Cancer awareness. It was senior night, and the student section was hyped and lout, but they were not as excited when North Creek scored early on in the game. During the middle of the first quarter, the Issaquah quarterback had a huge run, and the student came to life. North Creek forced three turnovers in the first quarter alone, and by halftime, the younger classmen and some parents started to trickle out of the stands, but the seniors stayed for most of the game.

The first possession for the Eagles was a quick 3-and-out, resulting in a punt, and a great block from senior Ian Anderson of the kicking team. Unfortunately, the punt was fumbled by the kicker, and was quickly tackled by North Creek giving them starting a start deep into Issaquah territory. The very next play, North Creek scored on a passing touchdown, but missed the extra point. North Creek led Issaquah 6-0. Issaquah got the ball back near midfield, but the North Creek defense was relentless, and forced Issaquah on a 3-and-out. Issaquah called a timeout, after which North Creek scored another touchdown, but did not convert on the 2-point attempt boosting their lead to 12-0. Issaquah returned the kick for a 21 yards, but on the following play, Issaquah’s quarterback fumbled the ball, which North Creek recovered on Issaquah’s 39-yard line. On North Creek’s offensive possession, Issaquah’s defense prevailed. On the next possession, Issaquah drove down the field and fumbled it again, but by the time North Creek started another possession, the half was over. For the rest of the game, It was a lot of back and forth but ultimately, North Creek won 26-7.