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  • January 29After the death of 29-year-old, Tyre Nichols, on Jan. 7, Congress is under pressure to pass police reform.
  • January 20In less than a month, King County faces 35 fentanyl-related overdose cases.
  • January 15On Jan. 15, Joe Biden speaks at the church where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. served as pastor before being assassinated.
Mimi Gaudiano

Mimi Gaudiano, Illustrator

Class of 2019. Long time artist, first time journalistic illustrator. Grade ‘A’ Disaster Gay. Owner of a wandering mind (if found please return to the art wing, I’ll pick it up). A gender cryptid. Girl? Boy? Nope.

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A LITTLE GRATITUDE. At The Garage, a free teen café in Issaquah, accepts optional donations that allow patrons to tip only if they want to. Restaurants with an optional tip allow customers to reward exceptional service but do not make servers reliant on tips for their income.

[PHOTO] The Tipping Point

December 17, 2018

[PHOTO] Gavin Herman

December 10, 2018

[PHOTO] Luka Kovac

December 10, 2018
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Mimi Gaudiano