Fall Out Boy’s Most Pop-Centric Release Yet: “So Much (for) Stardust” 


Addie Mount, Staff Writer

The long-awaited, “So Much (for) Stardust”, had fans surprised by the uncharacteristically ‘light’ style used by Fall Out Boy. While the album still fits their alternative-rock nature, it seems to lean more toward the pop side of their music. Many songs, such as “Love From The Other Side” use more guitar than their typical songs. This song describes difficult love in an apocalyptic world, giving it a lonely and downbeat vibe. 

The second song on the album, “Heartbreak Feels So Good” reminds me of stereotypical teenage love, obsessive and toxic. While it is repetitive, this song is a catchy, on-repeat listen. On a more aggressive note, “Hold Me Like a Grudge” describes running red lights and resisting the feeling of growing up. This is one of my favorites in the album, and it is a tribute to the teenage experience often shown in the media. Fall Out Boy also mentions a “part-time soulmate/full-time problem” in this song, suggesting a greater romantic theme throughout the album. “Heaven, Iowa” is an example of this romantic yet dark theme. This song begins by describing a dreamy relationship, but moves to say, “here we are untouched forever,” alluding to a past relationship that one is reminiscing about.  

Many of Fall Out Boy’s songs are upbeat with dark lyrics, and this album is no different. “So Good Right Now” discusses feeling depressed and struggling to care about anything. It almost has a feeling of mania and codependency, with the lyrics “I cut myself down/to whatever you need me” and “feeling so good right now/‘til we crash and burn somehow.”  

Overall, this album was catchy and fun to listen to and analyze. It is definitely a good summer listen, and the dramatic theme will make you miss easier times.