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  • January 8Reports of gunfire are followed by Kent police finding a man dead in a running car
  • December 7Seattle Police Department condemned by federal judge for behavior during BLM protests
  • December 3Man taken into custody for allegedly shooting and killing another man in Tacoma on Dec. 3
A SKY FULL OF WONDER For thousands of years humanity has been looking skyward as a source of inspiration, courage, and curiosity. Through technology we have been able develop economically and scientifically, making space travel possible. On April 12 every year, we celebrate the International Day of Human Space Flight and remember the first time we were able to touch the stars.

To Explore the Beyond

Kaitlin D'Souza, Staff Writer
April 18, 2019
DETERMINATION TO CLINCH- Apple and Samsung are in a clash to clinch the battle among the smartphone industry. Samsung is trying to beat the world’s first trillion dollar company. “Apple iPhone X won the war though Samsung had achieved something recently,” says sophomore Ishaan Sharma.

New iPhone Releases

Jayarithanyaa VR, Staff Writer
October 4, 2018
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