Kill Bill Acoustic: a Slower, Sadder Version


Maya Colchamiro, Staff Writer

SZA does it again, releasing another variation of a familiar and beloved song, “Kill Bill.” The acoustic version blends the trendy pop song with a softer melody, tone, and voice. The original version is popular for a reason – it is the perfect culmination of words, beats, and lyrics, but the acoustic version takes it a step further by adding an element of sadness. 

When first listening to the acoustic version, it was almost off putting, as I had heard the original so many times that the lyrics sounded weird or off beat. I feel as if most viewers would have this same initial feeling, but overcome it quickly, as the more mellow component takes this from a catchy pop song to a song headed straight for many “in my feels” playlists.

Throughout the song, SZA tells the story of her anger towards her ex boyfriend, and her fictional homicidal thoughts and actions toward him. The title of “Kill Bill” helps create an image in a viewers’ mind, and the album art, combined with other promotional material, help emphasize this. The cover of the acoustic version especially encapsulates this, with SZA wearing red and black and pressing a sword almost identical to the one presented in the Kill Bill movie into the ground. Personally, I think this aesthetically represents the song much better than the original album cover, which shows SZA sitting on a diving board near the edge of the ocean, reminiscent of Princess Diana.

Overall, the song is only two minutes and 48 seconds, and available through YouTube, Spotify, and many other streaming platforms. I would recommend that everyone (especially fans of the original “Kill Bill” by SZA) listen to the song two or three times before forming an opinion, in order to thoroughly enjoy the song.