Conan Gray’s Promising Return 


Abigail Elperin, Staff Writer

On April 15, indie-pop musician Conan Gray released his sappy new single, “Memories,” to an audience of eager fans. His new album, “Superache,” is set to be released on June 24 of this year. It has been teased by a number of other preceding singles, including “Jigsaw,” “Telepath,” “People Watching,” “Astronomy,” and “Overdrive.”  

He rose to widespread recognition in early 2020 after his first solo studio album “Kid Krow” was released to a yearning and nostalgic mass of quarantined fans. Like his first album, his newest singles share elements of indie pop, and inspirations taken from pioneers of his genre. Gray is publicly known for his friendship with singer Olivia Rodrigo. Both artists, and many other young artists of today, are open about their admiration of Taylor Swift and the role she plays as the inspiration to many of their projects. This is certainly felt on “Memories.” Even the chorus is reminiscent of that of many Taylor Swift songs from the late-2000s era. Its lyrics tell of an abusive and toxic relationship, like in the gratifyingly sung line, “Too busy playing the victim to be listening to me when I say ‘I wish that you would stay in my memories.’” The specific telling of anecdotes and unabashed lyrics allow this song to reach listeners personally. Gray extends an invitation to relate, and bask in the ironic joy of a truly sad song.  

This is a perfect-for-belting song that leaves you satisfied after appreciating what superb craftsmanship went into it. It is backed by guitar and an array of dreamy sounds, which is not uncommon for Conan Gray or other artists within a similar genre.  

In my opinion, this song is a work of art, following in the proud footsteps of his inspirations that came before him. I foresee this song will appear on many heartbreak playlists, and be an instant sing-along favorite at any of Gray’s upcoming concerts. If this song is any indication of his upcoming album, it is sure to have a warm reception and gain status as a fan favorite.