The Season Finale of “What If…?” Gives an Entertaining Ending to the Show 


Jieden Fenderson, Staff Writer

The new Disney + show “What If…?” has given viewers an even bigger look at the Marvel Cinematic Universe as we got to explore the vast multiverse and ask the question, “What if?” The finale of the show was released Oct.16 and it was extremely enjoyable to watch. In fact, I would argue that it is just as grand as a full-blown Marvel movie! We get to watch all the alternate heroes from the show band together to fight the ultimate villain, a genocidal Ultron limitless in universes he can destroy. 

For the last couple of months, each week we have followed the story of MCU characters, but with a twist… Instead of Captain America, Peggy Carter takes the role of Captain Carter, a British version of Captain America. Instead of King T’Challa, the Black Panther, we have T’Challa the Star Lord. We get alternate universes like one where a zombie virus from the quantum realm takes over the world, or one where the avengers are assassinated. The possibilities of the show are endless, and it makes the show very creative. As the Watcher says in the intro himself: “A single choice can branch out into infinite realities.” This is what we have witnessed in the show. Seeing all these cool heroes and their stories, how they branch out from our MCU, and then having them all band together to fight a worthy villain, was in simple terms, epic. 

 The show also has tons of easter eggs which were fun to spot out for Marvel geeks like me. The creators of the show did say that “What If…?” was canon which could lead to some interesting things from Marvel in the future. “What If…?” was definitely more enjoyable due to Disney + releasing episodes every Wednesday instead of the whole season at once. This allowed people to have something to look forward to and enjoy instead of binging the entire show in a single day. I really hope that more platforms implement this as it is genius in making a show more lasting and worthwhile to watch. 

Overall, “What If…?” was a good show in that it added more content to the Disney + library. It provided me with tons of satisfaction, as the creativity of the different universes and the tons of action in the end made “What If…?” a bombastic experience.