The Enjoyable Contrast of Billie Eilish’s “Lost Cause”


Rebekah Rahman, Copy Editor

On June 2, Billie Eilish released her single “Lost Cause” for her upcoming album “Happier Than Ever.” The single was paired with an accompanying music video. Overall, Eilish sets up an enjoyable contrast between the lyrical content of the song and the backdrop of her self-directed music video. These two components complemented each other quite well, making for a satisfying experience. 

In the song, Eilish describes a partner that is lacking in every way. “You ain’t nothing but a lost cause… and this ain’t nothing like it once was… I know you think you’re such an outlaw, but you got no job.” Despite all of this, Eilish notes how she repeatedly gave this deadbeat ex another chance, but it all turned out to be for nothing as she realized they were not going to change. Lyrically, there is an underlying sadness as Eilish skillfully conveys the frustration of being with someone who does not care about you or themselves and the resulting disappointment of being blinded by love. 

Surprisingly, “Lost Cause” does not feel like a sad, break-up song. Eilish’s mellow vocals are set against a smooth, jazz-type beat. Furthermore, the song is paired with the bright and fun atmosphere of the music video. Eilish is seen surrounded by other girls as they happily sing and dance to the song. They prance all over a house, eat junk food, play Twister, and spray each other with Silly String all while wearing soft-toned comfort-wear. Everyone is clearly happy and carefree. 

The music video helps the viewer understand Eilish’s true intention with “Lost Cause.” Sure, it sucks to be in a dead end relationship with a deadbeat. Which is why it is so wonderful to be free from all of that. Eilish encourages the listener to celebrate their breakup with their no-good ex, because they are done with the toxicity and the disappointments. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed “Lost Cause.” It is upbeat and fun, while also being down to earth and relatable. The video only aids in that regard, and will make the viewer want to have a party with their closest friends while this song is playing in the background.