“Wandavision:” An Anticipated Entry Into The New Era of Marvel


Tessa Pardon, Staff Writer

Wandavision is Marvel’s much anticipated opener into a new form of superhero firm structured around a traditional television series format. At first glance, the cheeky television show reminiscent of past eras may seem to be a step away from the Marvel classics that we have all come to love. However, this new method of storytelling may actually allude to a new era of superhero movies. 

A genre first loved by children and many self-proclaimed “nerdy” young and middle aged men, the superhero niche has been geniusly broadened to include many facets of the child and adult market. This new interpretation of the original Marvel comics is yet another spin on overplayed storylines, but one perfectly executed in true Stan Lee fashion. 

The curious plotline of this series is spearheaded by the main character, Wanda Maximoff, a powerful character known in the comics as Scarlet Witch. After the loss of her husband Vision in the prior movie, she has created a new reality in which she plays the role of a dutiful housewife for her animated corpse of a husband, holding an entire town hostage in the process. As the guise of her perfect American dream home begins to fall apart, she starts to devolve and the watcher is left to question- does she really have control over her environment? With several FBI agents on her trail (one of whom is no stranger to superheroes), she seems to be trapped in her own head at times and her emotional state rapidly deteriorates. Fans of the comics note that these realizations may lead in a few different directions. There is a heavily anticipated cameo by a returning Marvel character, and enthusiasts expect the likes of Dr. Strange, comic villain Mephisto, or a slew of others- it is anyone’s guess who the true villain of the series may be revealed to be.  

As Disney encapsulates a new market of avid television watchers into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and begins to realign themselves with plots from the original comics, there is no telling where the next few years will lead Marvel. Fans anxiously anticipate the release of each new episode, and surely the following Disney releases of Loki and Multiverse of Madness will continue to complicate an ever growing plotline.