Girls’ Varsity Basketball Thrills with a Win over Mercer Island



KEEPING UP THE ENERGY  Senior Lauren Frueh and junior Erin Schobbe show off their skills on the court in an action-packed game against Mercer Island. The Issaquah victory left the whole team with high hopes for the rest of the season, as they work to perfect their already impressive technique.

Cara Caulton, Staff Writer

This Wednesday, the Eagle’s Girls’ Varsity Basketball won a sweeping victory against Mercer Island with a final score of 60-14. The game was thrilling to watch, with both teams completely concentrated on the ball and many attempted shots. In the first quarter, senior Katie Macnary made multiple baskets. Sophomore Shea Dillon made an especially impressive shot towards the end of the first quarter, leaving the score at 12-5 going into the second quarter. 

The second quarter brought 11 more points to the Eagles, ending with a score of 23-9. Sophomore Keira Hanson kept up the energy, scoring two buckets in the second quarter and continuing to score in both the third and fourth quarters. Meanwhile, Mercer Island struggled to raise the score. At the end of the third quarter, the score was 39-11. 

Senior Mar Sifuentes, a spectator, commented, “I feel like they’re both being very competitive towards each other.” She felt that the Eagle’s girls’ team was “getting very aggressive, but it’s not a bad thing. They’ve definitely improved.” The energy in the gym was high, and the Issaquah cheerleaders were expressing the obvious enthusiasm. The game ended with a complete win for Issaquah. 

After the game, senior Lauren Frueh, said she felt they played “Really good… We still have a lot to work on as we play harder teams in KingCo, but we’re getting there.” Coach Doug Crandall commented, “Our schedule is tough. We play multiple teams ranked in the top ten in the state. We are going to have to shoot better to win some of those games.” He adds, “Our effort is definitely there. The rest will come as we knock some rust off.” 

Frueh and fellow teammate senior Katie Kellum were all smiles and bursting with energy. “The energy is very hype,” said Frueh. “Being with the team is a lot of fun.” When asked what the expectation was going into the game, Kellum replied “We don’t go into the game focusing on that. We just work on keeping our energy up and focusing on the specific parts of the game, and focusing on ourselves.” 

The girl’s next game is coming up on Dec. 6 and will be at Liberty High School against the Patriots. Come out and support the team!