JV Volleyball Edges Out Skyline

Abigail Lee, Staff Writer

A thrilling match against Skyline High school went down last night for IHS’s JV volleyball team. Pulling in the three game win, the girls really proved why our school’s colors are purple and gold!

In the first match, it was a shaky start, but with smart playing from number 14, junior Kathryn Nestlerode, and amazing plays like a killer double block by number 11 and 17, sophomores Tessa Pardon and Katie Jo Jensen, they managed to end with a nine-point lead, finishing with 25 16, Issaquah.

The second match started off with a crisp four point lead. Number 16, Kelly Hruza, brought the heat with amazing serves, and number 10, junior Audrey Smith, came down with spike on spike on spike! However, as the game went on, the girls lost the lead. Things looked like they were going to go sour, but once again they managed to take the lead back, ending the game 25 Issaquah, 19 Skyline.

The last game was by far the most interesting game to watch. On the high of victory, the JV volleyball team had rhythm and coordination, but so did Skyline. Back and forth, the lead went to both sides, but in the end Issaquah remained victorious, with 25 Issaquah and 20 Skyline.  Spectator Kerri Jensen commented on the game saying, “I think their defense looked good. I think their offense looked good. I think they looked like they were having fun. I saw more hits than usual, so it was a good, fun game to watch!”

JV Volleyball coach Nancy Dahlquist said, “I think we played a pretty good game. Our girls were a little bit low-energy, but we were able to push our way through and find our way to win, so that’s pretty good.” Player number 16, Kelly Hruza gave her take on the game saying, “Last night’s game was a lot of fun. We beat Skyline in three games, we had great chemistry, everyone was having fun, keeping our energy high. We all kind of clicked in this game, because we wanted to push through and beat our rivals. So overall, a fun game or us.”