Summer Baseball in Seattle

Andrew Kim, Staff Writer

The sun sets over the edges of the iconic T-Mobile Park. Nostalgia breezes through the warm summer air. The echoing of the crowd mixes with the life of the city to create an everlasting heartbeat throughout the Pacific Northwest. Known as America’s Pastime, baseball holds a long history not just in Seattle but also in the entire nation. The culture and connections from the sport have led to countless fans living for the game of baseball. Iconic moments frozen in time remind Americans of the great memories that baseball holds with their friends and family. Baseball is not just a game, but a living legend that continues to impact fans worldwide.

America’s Favorite Pastime holds many memories in the city of Seattle from moments written in the history books to tearful retirement ceremonies celebrating some of the greatest Mariners in the franchise’s history. Starting off as an expansion team in 1977, nobody thought much of the Mariners, and rightfully so, finishing last in their division with a record of 64-98. Despite the lopsided record, thousands of fans embraced their new team in Seattle to create a culture still prevalent to this day. This dedication of Seattleites and locals of the Pacific Northwest has been rewarded and tested in the many years since the start of the Mariners franchise. From their record-tying 116-win season to the moment simply known as the Double, the Mariners hold a rich history filled with baseball that will hopefully never fade away. As an honor of this great connection to the sport, it is a thrill that the MLB All-Star game returns to the city of Seattle after 22 years, and an opportunity for Mariners fans to show their dedication to the sport they love. From the dates of July 7 to July 11, the MLB All-Star week will hold many events at T-Mobile Park and in Seattle that are worth viewing for not just baseball fans but for

any person interested in a fun time. You can find more information all on the MLB website along with tickets with events showcasing the “All-Star Futures Game” and the “Celebrity Softball Game.” The sport of baseball has been stigmatized by the long, boring nature of the games, yet with recent 2023 rule changes, games have become shortened while athleticism has become more displayed. Senior Zachary Bi describes the rule changes as “definitely making the game more engaging and increased my interest.” This has been a widely held view by baseball fans and has massive benefits for the game as a whole with an increase in viewership and retaining these viewers for more and more games. Despite these new rules, sophomore Niko Cornell states that baseball continues to be boring because “not a lot happens” and “the fact that it is slow.” Like many other sports, there are a wide variety of opinions on baseball, however, the MLB All-Star game in Seattle is a great opportunity to have fun and holds none of the boring aspects of regular season games. Events last for the week as many fans from around the world come to enjoy a few days of fun.

For the more engaged fans, voting for your favorite players to participate in the All-Star game is a great way to become more involved in the sport. The MLB voting website says, “Fans around the world can choose their starters until noon ET on Thursday, June 22. You can vote as many as five times per every 24-hour period exclusively at, on all 30 MLB club sites, and on the MLB app.” Baseball is not just a game but is so much more, and many get more involved with All-Star voting and a wide variety of summer baseball camps for all ages. If playing baseball is not much of an interest, there are many event days at T-Mobile Park worthy of a great Monday to Sunday night out. According to the Seattle Times, big promotional events like “the Felix Hernandez Mariners Hall of Fame weekend” that “will feature Friday night Felix-

themed fireworks, Saturday’s pregame induction ceremony and a Hernandez bobblehead giveaway in Sunday afternoon’s finale” and “Pride night on June 16” will serve as unique opportunities for all fans or non-fans to enjoy a night at T-Mobile Park with all the festivities. Especially with free transit for minors on Sound Transit rides, access to these events gets a lot easier. Junior Sienna Steele states that “free transit for minors can significantly enhance their ability to move around cities” which would definitely help remove some of the obstacles of getting to Seattle and parking in the crowded lots.

Baseball is so much more than just a sport and T-Mobile Park holds events for everyone. Not only are there fun promotional events, but on the Mariners website, the “Mariners Value Games are back for the 2023 season! Snag tickets as low as $10 for Bleacher & View Level, $20 for Main Level or $30 for Terrace Club to select games throughout the year.” With so many events to choose from this summer, Mariners baseball is a great option for fun and memorable summer nights. Understandably, baseball is not for everyone, as freshman Katherine Banic states that “I have other activities that I enjoy during the summer, such as going to the beach, hiking, or spending time with friends.” No matter your interests, summer is a much-needed break from the school year, and everyone is entitled to a fun, relaxing break to recharge for the next year, whatever those activities may be.