Summer Road Trips 

Addie Mount, Staff Writer

Road trips are a popular and fun summer vacation optionThey are much less expensive than flying, and many people prefer the ‘slow’ and go-with-the-flow style of travelling. Road trips can be paced however one chooses, which makes for a much more relaxing journey. Stopping at attractions along the way is another bonus, because it adds fun to the travel portion of the trip. 

Road trips are a good opportunity to bond with family, friends, or get to know someone new. Because there is so much downtime when driving, there is often nothing to do but talk and deepen connections with people. Even more simple activities like playing games can bring people closer together. The unpredictable nature of road trips forces us to practice flexibility and be patient with each other. A large part of why many value road trips so much is simply the aspect of being with loved ones. When asked what she enjoys about road trips, junior Clara Tubbs stated, “I enjoy being with my family. 

Another aspect of road trips that appeals to many is that every part of the experience has novelty to it, forcing you to be in the moment. The Road Trip Expert says, “Road trips are fun because they offer complete freedom over your adventure. You can travel anywhere your car can take you and bring whatever fits in the trunk. There is nowhere you have to be, so you are free to let all of life’s expectations melt away and just enjoy the moment. You are free to wander, get lost, be vulnerable, and connect with the world around you.” These experiences that force people into the moment are often hard to come by, and road trips are an easy solution to experiencing something new, exciting, and cheap 

Travelling in state is a great way to keep your costs down, and Washington is a great place to road trip. We have many tourist attractions, along with a beautiful coast and mountains that make road trips memorableAccording to Small Town Washington, “You should see as much as you can and the best way to do that is on a road trip through Washington. This Magazine is also a great resource for Washington road trip advice. They offer detailed pre-planned routes that are easy to follow and are cost-effective.  

One slightly off-putting part of road trips is experiencing carsickness. Many do not experience this, but for those who do, road trips can be a much less appealing travel option. People often opt for anti-motion sickness medicine such as Dramamine, but others look for more natural solutions. Healthline shares some natural remedies for carsickness, “Herbs like ginger and chamomile both have research to support their use for motion sickness and nausea. You can often find these supplements at a local pharmacy, health food store, or online. You may find that brewing tea with these herbs may help settle your stomach.” There are a variety of other ways to alleviate carsickness such as pressure points and aromatherapy. Healthline also stated that, “Stimulating an acupressure point along your wrist called the Nei Guan may give you quick relief. Place the index, middle, and ring fingers of your right hand on the inside of your left wrist, starting under the crease. Your Nei Guan point is underneath your index finger, between the wrist tendons. Apply firm pressure on one or both wrists for a few seconds or until the symptoms pass.” 

The most meaningful appeal of road trips is the connections you make. Whether it is deepening connections with family or making new ones, road trips bring out the best (and sometimes worst) in all of us. Even seeing the more impatient or inflexible sides of people can allow us to better our understanding of others’ behavior and help them improve it. Being in unpredictable or unexpected situations forces creative thinking and collective problem solving. Boredom also encourages deeper conversations between family members that would not normally occur. Overall, road trips produce deeper relationships and fun memories.