Issaquah Girls’ Track Team Put Their All Into May 5 Meet

Riya Bathina, Staff Writer

On May 5, the Issaquah Girls’ Track team participated in many dashes against Liberty and Skyline. A notable one was the girls’ 200-meter dash. The tension during practice was high as students stretched and leaned on their friends and fellow track members for moral support. The stands were full of eager supporters, and the energy before the meet was electric and full of love. Before the meet, sophomore Kamarrie Spencer commented on her feelings before the dash. “I am feeling very nervous but excited to run and just try my best!” This response was quite common, as senior Shanthi Elise stated, “Right now, I am full of anxiety, but I cannot wait to run.” As the viewers crowded into the bleachers with popcorn, Coach Robert Polk stated that he hoped for the track athletes to be able to beat their previous scores and for everyone to support their fellow athletes.

The Issaquah athletes were not able to beat Skyline’s times; however, the times that the runners were able to score were extremely impressive. Junior Charlie Saez was fourth and got the best score out of all the runners. Additionally, sophomore Daniella Menser, junior Aaliyah Bright, and freshman Kailie Vo impressively received high scores. After the meet, athletes stated their goals for every track meet and whether they had achieved their goals. Spencer stated, “My goal for every meet is to beat my previous score, and I am proud of myself for doing that!”

The track environment is full of love and support, and the runners would agree. Spencer stated that she loved being on track because of all the new people she had met and gotten to know. The Polk added, “As a coach, I am honored to be able to mentor and help my athletes.” After this meet, our qualifying athletes will compete in the KingCo state competition. This is a huge honor, and the athletes have been working hard for this experience. Additionally, there is a final banquet for all the runners. In this banquet, athletes receive awards to recognize their hard work and new developments in their running careers.

The track team works so hard, and every meet is extremely entertaining to watch. On a sunny day, it is a perfect way to enjoy yourself after school. Being a part of the track team is a great way to make friends and work on your stamina. Coach Poulke invites everyone to be part of the track team next year!