ISD Track Meet; Second and First Place in Hurdles

Riya Dasgupta, Staff Writer

On May 11, at the ISD track jamboree at IHS, the Eagles narrowly missed a win against rival schools Liberty and Skyline. Both the men’s and women’s teams did great at the 110/100m hurdles, with the men’s team getting second and sixth and the women’s getting first, fourth, fifth, seventh, and ninth – thirteenth. Sophomore Torren Garcia, who ran 16.31a and achieved second place in the Men’s 110m states that he “was feeling pretty confident going into that race.” He had “run it a lot” and “was excited to get second place.” However, sophomore Carson Naher, receiver of sixth place with 17.51a, commented that this was his “first time ever running the 110m in a race, so I was a bit nervous starting out. Because of this, I was excited to get sixth place; I think I ran it well.” Neither Garcia nor Naher got a personal record (PR) during this race.

The girls of the 100m hurdles, on the other hand, had six PR’s among the nine of them. While this in itself is spectacular, the women of the 100m also attained some crazy stunts during the race. Sophomore Tatiana Rivas, who came seventh overall with 18.90a AND PRed says that she “actually had an injury at the time of the race, so that fact that I PRed was pretty incredible. I’m really excited to see what I can do later on when my leg is healed up.” Additionally, senior Shanthi Hall, who ran 16.25a and got first place states that she thinks she “could have done better, as I did not warm up before this race. I still got first though, so I guess I am happy with how this race turned out.” The other racer’s scores stand at: Freshman Avani Akerkar who PRed in fourth place with 17.74a, freshman Erin Chollman in fifth place with 18.62a, freshman Kathrine Dillion in ninth place who PRed with 19.33a, freshman Alexandra Clarke in tenth place with 19.74a, freshman Bianca Stojanoff in eleventh place who PRed with 20.14a, junior Elina Pan in twelfth place with a PR of 20.66a, and lastly, freshman Madeline Fongsamouth who PRed in thirteenth place with 21.12a.

The brilliant scores of the hurdlers have landed both Garcia and Naher a spot in the finale of the Kingco 2A, 3A & 4A Championships in the 4A division, as well as Hall, Akerkar, and Chollman. To check out the scores of the 110/100m Hurdles and to know when the last few track events are, you can go to and then search up Issaquah High School. Go Eagles!