Despite Losing, the Issaquah Girls’ JV Tennis Team Played a Great Game

Ryan Heuchert , Staff Writer

On Friday, April 28, Issaquah’s Junior Varsity Girls’ Tennis team lost a tough match against Eastlake with the final score being 4-3. On the day of the match, the sun was glaring, and the temperature was 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Despite the uncomfortable conditions, the team played hard through the entire match and made some notable plays. 

One highlight of the match was freshmen Joy Tran and Julia Albuquerque’s double game. The two athletes utilized excellent teamwork and remained focused the entire game. Tran and Albuquerque beat their Eastlake opponents 8-2. Albuquerque says, “I am really happy with my game today. My hits were more consistent.”  

Even though she eventually lost her game, freshman Frances Xing showed her opponent no mercy. For the entire match, she played aggressively and did not let the blistering heat affect her performance. Despite her efforts, her opponent was equally as aggressive, eventually getting the upper hand. In another single game, freshman Jasmine Habib beat her opponent. Remaining laser focused on the game, Habib delivered powerful strikes to the ball that her opponent could not respond to. 

When on the sidelines, the Issaquah JV girls demonstrated great camaraderie. They excitedly cheered on their teammates and had fun with the competition. The girls who were in doubles used excellent teamwork to push through the game.  

Reflecting on her game, Tran says, “Sometimes I hit the ball too hard, and it went out, but I am really happy with my volleys.” The team is happy with how they did, but they know there is still room to improve. Coach John Franco says, “Over the course of the season, everyone has really improved. They are more comfortable with the different positions and the hits are more consistent.” Franco adds, “For future games, the girls could work on movement of their feet.” Albuquerque adds, “I could work on my serves. There were a couple of times where I double faulted.” 

By the end of the game, Issaquah and Eastlake were neck and neck 3-3. In the tie breaker, Issaquah gave their all to win the match, but Eastlake proved to be a force that was too powerful to overcome.

Despite the weather being uncomfortably hot, the sun shining in their faces and facing a tough team, the Issaquah Junior Varsity Girls’ Tennis team demonstrated great teamwork, resilience, and sportsmanship.