Issaquah Varsity Girls’ Tennis Persists Through a Challenging Match

Ella Sharrers, Copy Editor

On April 27, in an all-out match against Skyline, Issaquah Varsity Girls’ Tennis unfortunately lost 5-2 against the Spartans. However, this loss is not due to a lack of effort and enthusiasm. The varsity Eagles have had a rather successful season so far, standing currently at four wins and only two losses. Full of practiced movement, rhythmic volleys, and undying support for their teammates, the Varsity Girls’ Tennis Team was nothing but unified and focused throughout the entire match. 

For powerful duo junior Justina Cerna and sophomore Nancy Kim, winning their set was a well earned feat. Cerna and Kim are proud of how they “[finished] the point at the net,” something that takes the utmost skill to achieve during a match. Maintaining an impressive rhythm throughout their match, Cerna and Kim proved that nothing is more important than teamwork. Despite “a few misheard” comments between themselves and their opposing Skyline duo, these Eagles were able to push through it all and give a win to Issaquah!

For sophomore Yujin Chang and freshman Leah Kwak, regardless of their loss, Chang notes that she and Kwak “tried [their] best until the end, but it was not [their] best match.” Chang and Kwak worked hard until the very end of the match, and demonstrated that the game is never over until it is over. Chang says that she “loves this season so much” and loves “the people on the team and the team dynamic.” The comfortable relationship among the Varsity girls was clear. Every single match received cheers and support from teammates, congratulations after every point, and constant encouragement. 

Hard work, focus, and determination are crucial in any sporting event, and the Varsity Tennis girls were overflowing with these qualities. Head Coach Nico Hakes says that the team “was not getting in [their] own way” and that he is “proud of the fight [they were] fighting in every single match.” Hakes also notes that the team executed “everything that we worked on in practice,” which is no easy thing to incorporate into a high tension match. While “there are always things to work on,” Hakes believes that going forward, the team will work on “being consistent on the base line and moving more on the base line” to perform even better in the future. 

Overall, the Varsity Tennis girls were overflowing with grit and perseverance, and last night’s match was a mesmerizing one to watch. The team next faces Newport on May 1. Good luck, girls!