Tough Loss for JV Girls’ Fastpitch 

Shira Delcau, Staff Writer

On Friday, April 24, the Issaquah Girls Fastpitch team lost 11-1 against the Woodinville Falcons, after a rough start left them sorely behind their opponents in runs.  

The team’s overall energy began low, a product of their end-of-the-week fatigue and muscle exhaustion. In the first 30 minutes, the Eagles were led by pitcher sophomore Anna Dawson, with her incredible throws, catcher sophomore Mackenzie Orr, with her enthusiasm and leadership, and sophomore Victoria Harris, whose arm made it possible to stop many more Falcon runs. Junior Piper Houck scored the singular run of the game and crossed onto home plate energetically.  

Fifty minutes into the game, the umpire left to umpire for varsity fastpitch, leaving the junior varsity squad without a umpire. About to call it quits, an Issaquah parent stepped up and, using his prior refereeing experience, successfully navigated the remainder of the game. This volunteer appeared to rejuvenate the girls. Despite the sudden rain, their energy increased, their cheering turned deafening, and Houck’s dancing became optimistic. 

During pre-game, the players doubted their performance. They understood that their lack of energy and practice would result in a difficult game. Coach Emily Johnson says, “We do not typically play Friday games so I feel like the energy was pretty low because it has been a long week and the girls are tired. It has also been a rainy and a wet week so we have not been able to practice the way that we wanted to this week.” Orr adds, “I tend to get pretty excited for games. I just see it as an opportunity to grow and to have fun. Then again, there is also some worry about how the team is going to play and our energy levels. There are always some nerves [about the game].” 

Post-game the team was discouraged by their loss but proud of how they rallied their enthusiasm and finished the game strong. Johnson states, “It seems to be a common theme throughout the season where energy starts out pretty low, no matter the day or the weather, and then as the game goes on, they seem to find their rhythm and realize that this is actually fun.” Orr agrees with her coach and adds that “I am pretty happy [about the end of the game]. It started out low energy which, in the moment, kind of takes everyone’s energy, but as soon as we started to let go and have fun it honestly just became a great time.” 

Their goals for the future are clearly expressed by their post-game reflection. Johnson says, “I would like to see that mid-game mentality (the team’s increase in energy) come out in the beginning [but] at the end of the day I do not really care what the scoreboard says as long as these girls are having fun.” And indeed, by the conclusion of the game, the team seemed to have fun; they cheered each other on, played like one unit, and hit many softballs backwards over the net and into the parking lot below.