Challenging Meet for Issaquah Boys Sprinters, Promising Competitions Soon

Abigail Elperin, Staff Writer

On Wed., April 19, Issaquah Track and Field hosted a meet with Skyline and Bellevue High School. All teams showed up with immense support from their respective schools, with packed stands and cheering crowds preceding every event. For Issaquah High Track and Field athletes, the upcoming Oregon Relays, taking place on April 21 and April 22, present an opportunity to reach personal goals and redeem team prospects that may not have been met at the quantitatively disappointing meet on Wednesday.

In the Men’s Varsity 100 Meter dash, Issaquah’s own Shane Olsen, a junior, claimed the seventh place spot, the highest for Issaquah in the event, with a time of 11.77 seconds. In the Men’s Varsity 200 Meters event, three Issaquah juniors left the meet within the top ten scores: Maxwell Knight, Shontel Bradley-Polk and Evan Barnes, in fourth, eighth, and tenth place, respectively. In the Men’s 400 Meter event, two of Issaquah’s juniors also earned titles in the top ten of scores, Elijah Miller and Evan Barnes, in fourth and ninth place, respectively.

Those on the track team will agree that a strong camaraderie and community of supportiveness enable runners to excel. Sophomore and track runner Victor Soto says, “I like when my teammates cheer me on when I am running, and they like when I cheer them on.” From those on the stands to those on the track, there is an outstanding consensus: Issaquah’s sprinters have the spirit and the strength to make it far this season. Issaquah’s head coach for boys sprinters, Katie Brookshire, says, “I am so excited to see how our team will progress. We have a really strong sprinter team right now.” It is worth recognizing that being a sprinter is no easy feat. The sport is denoted by the rigorous training and physical toll it requires. Coach Brookshire adds, “In sprinting, there is so much detail you have to put into the blocks, or handing off during the relay. They work so hard, and I am so proud of them.”  

Hopes are high for Issaquah’s boys sprinters and the goals of the team are high enough to match it. Sophomore Henry Tait says, “We have been putting in the work every day, and we are ready to hit some personal records this season.” Our boys sprinting team is one to watch, with a roster of exciting meets coming soon, all fueled by unmatched teamwork and an ambition to represent Issaquah.