Boys’ Varsity Soccer Wins 3-0 against Bothell

Zinna Park, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, April 18, the Issaquah Boys’ Varsity Soccer Team played an intense game against the Bothell Cougars, resulting in a 3-0 win for Issaquah. The game started strong with Issaquah gaining possession of the ball. However, the game quickly shifted in a matter of minutes as Bothell took possession. Nonetheless, Issaquah stayed strong with solid teamwork as they stayed on Bothell’s feet. Although throughout the first half, scuffles between the Bothell and Issaquah players took place, Issaquah withstood Bothell’s attempts to score with great saves from the goalie. Standout players from the first half include Eric Liu and Eli Rosenthal who attempted and almost successfully got past Bothell’s goalkeeper.

The second half started impressively for Issaquah as almost immediately they took possession from Bothell and sophomore Cody Stark scored a goal two minutes into the second half. Issaquah gained further momentum as junior forward Ryan Wilkinson scored the second goal of the game. Exciting moments took place as both teams brought powerful energy with players from both teams taking falls. Bothell was no match for Issaquah as the team locked in their winning goal when Stark scored the final goal of the game, pushing Bothell to pick up their offense and defense, only to prove unsuccessful.

Support from parents and the crowd encouraged the players even more as Issaquah held off till the end, holding their defense and showing an amazing partnership from Liu and Emi Nunez with a great end to the game.

Overall, the Eagle’s cohesive teamwork and communication ultimately helped to secure their final home game win against Bothell showcasing their determination and perseverance.

With regard to the team’s strategies tonight, Coach Charles Glenn says that the objective of the game for the team was to win and hold possession of the ball. He adds that although the first half was slow the second half showed much more energy and better team communication and technique. He hopes that going forward the team will have a better game in both halves, not just one. One of the standout players of the night number 24 Quormac Slosson says, “The team fought hard in the second half and it was a good improvement from the first half.” He continues by saying that some of the strengths that paid off tonight were communication and skill and that throughout the season the team has further improved on passing and teamwork.

It is notable to mention that it was senior night, as parents of seniors and players from the JV team arranged a special celebration for the senior players as they took the time before the start of the game to acknowledge and celebrate the players with photos and posters. Senior Nehemia Harper reflected on his time on the team, saying, “It means a lot. I have been in this program for four years and to be out here on senior night and getting this victory as a senior means a lot.”

Congratulations to all the seniors as well as the rest of the varsity team for an amazing win! Make sure to check out the IHS boys’ soccer website for the varsity team’s remaining games! Go Eagles!