Andrew Tate: Misogynistic Rapist Released

Riya Dasgupta, Staff Writer


On March 31, both Andrew Tate and his brother were released from jail in Romania. Their sentence has been replaced with a minimum 30-day housearrest, and to that, many say good riddance. Tate, his brother, and their two accomplices were arrested in Romania in December on suspicion of human trafficking, rape, and forming an organized crime group. Prosecutors have identified, at the moment, six women as their victims. Authorities released them from their three-month sentence because “they are not a flight risk” or “a danger to public safety,” quotes Tate’s communications director. Yes, a man who has very publicly stated that he “loves raping [people]” is not a danger to public safety! Neither is the man who has escaped to multiple countries to avoid rape and fraud charges a flight risk!

Tate’s rise to notoriety began in a 2016 video of him attacking a woman with a belt, a clip which he claims was edited. From there, it is only a downward spiral of bans, tweets, and attacks on others. Tate was banned from both Facebook and Instagram last August for violating the parent company Meta’s policies. He was blocked from YouTube days later; however, fan channels have reinstated his old videos, videos that have gained millions of views. Similarly, while TikTok has barred him from having an account, content posted under the hashtag Andrew Tate has been viewed billions of times. Tate was also banned from Twitter in 2017 for his misogynistic views and hate speech but his account was reinstated last month following Elon Musk’s takeover.

During Tate’s rise to fame, he has made incredibly misogynistic comments, objectified both women and people who are not conventionally attractive, and has been spreading his vapid view to the younger generation. Most of Tate’s quotes are not in suitable enough language for this website, but, here anyway, are a few of his “better” words,

“I had one girl and she got too drunk one day and she threw up in my apartment. I told her to clean up, she refused. So, I took her stuff and threw it out the window.” What a gentleman!

“I was getting on a plane and I could see through the cockpit that a female was the pilot and I took a picture and I said, ‘Most women I know cannot even park a car, why is a woman flying my plane?’ and they banned me.” At least now you do not have a woman driving you!

“How can I use these women to make me money? I do not wanna put them on the track because they are my women, I do not want other people touching my chicks.” But you are okay with touching “chicks that are not “yours?” Good to know!

If the police came to their senses they would arrest this man immediately. Not only is he a threat to public safety and a flight risk, while free he continues to spread witless notions about his warped sense of reality. This rapist needs to crawl back into jail, plain and simple.