The Electoral College: an Outdated System

Maya Colchamiro, Staff Writer

The system of the Electoral College is outdated, and therefore unfair. The electoral college should be replaced with a system that truly factors in the popular vote.The electoral college threatens the democracy that the United States claims to be founded on. NPR explains that,  “the problem is that twice since 2000, the person with the most votes didn’t win. Both times — in 2000 and 2016 — it was the Republican candidate who got fewer votes but ended up in the White House.” This displays how what the people of the United States want is not truly factored into decisions. This phenomenon can be traced back to the voters of the electoral college not acknowledging the true public opinion. Similarly, the power concentration of the electoral college is not even. While this was designed to give a fair amount of votes based on population, it has skewed voting. The Washington Post explains, “The electoral college distorts the popular vote, because small states get more votes than populous states. Each state has the same number of votes in the EC as it has representatives in Congress. Sparsely populated states have a minimum of two Senate seats and one House district, so they have at least three votes. The most populated states have a ceiling, since the number of seats in the House of Representatives does not increase.”

Additionally, the Brennan Center states,  “What’s clear is that, more than two centuries after it was designed to empower southern whites, the Electoral College continues to do just that. The current system has a distinct, adverse impact on black voters, diluting their political power. Because the concentration of black people is highest in the South, their preferred presidential candidate is virtually assured to lose their home states’ electoral votes.” Racism can be found in many elements of the United States past, and abolishing the flawed system of the electoral college is essential to returning previously withheld political power to marginalized groups.

Ultimately, the electoral college is unfair and undemocratic. It must be replaced with another form of voting, such as simply using the popular vote.