Kill Bookson: A Thrilling Take on Parenthood


Zinna Park, Staff Writer

On March 31, Netflix released a Korean action thriller starring veteran actress Jeon Do Yeon. “Kill Bookson” depicts the life of world-renowned assassin Gil Bookson who is a single mother trying to balance her violent dangerous livelihood but struggles to connect with her teenage daughter. The plot consists of many moments where her professional and domestic life overlap. The movie sets up the audience to wonder, when can one morally draw the line?

One of the many things the audience can connect with is the topics that were brought up in the movie. Many of these include abuse, bullying, and discovering as well as accepting identity, all of this while the bonds between mother and child are tested by past trauma and secrets. The action scenes and choreography in the movie were certainly not lacking, with various sharp movements that captivated the scene. Much of the focus of the movie was still put on the dialogue and the development of characters as the audience follows not only the life of Gil Bookson but the important side characters as well, like her daughter.

What I enjoyed most about this movie was the overall message of the story. Although it was marketed as an action thriller, ultimately, the movie’s story revolves around the relationship between Gil Bookson and her daughter and how her life interfered with it. This brings me to the criticism of the movie, namely that a lot of the action and pace were sacrificed for character development especially when the movie was marketed otherwise.

Some other positive notes include how the topic of women’s empowerment was brought up through the character of Gil Booksoon as well as the hints of comedic tones that lightened up even the most thrilling of scenes. Additionally, Jeon Do Yeon’s amazing portrayal of this character can not be denied. It incorporated her unique style including how she delivered her lines and scenes with her expressive facial expressions and emotion into each line she delivered. The aesthetics and colors in the movie complimented the characters and setting and vibe of the movie.

Overall, if you are looking for a movie with a fair share of action mixed with deeper characters and connections then I recommend “Kill Bookson.” However, if you are looking for a movie with more plot and action but less revolved around the characters and their stories then this movie might not be for you. Regardless, as someone who enjoys both plot and character-based movies, I believe that “Kill Bookson” is a great movie to try!