Boygenius’ Debut Album Is Out… and It Does Not Disappoint


Kayla Tehero, Staff Writer

On March 31, the iconic supergroup, Boygenius, released their long-awaited debut album, “The Record.” The band is comprised of indie sensations Phoebe Bridgers, Julien Baker, and Lucy Dacus. Boygenius’ 2018 self-titled singles, written, recorded, and self-produced by the three artists in only four days, were a smashing hit. Ever since its wide success, fans of the individual artists and of the supergroup have anxiously awaited their first album. Lucky for them, “The Record” certainly did not disappoint.

The album opens with “Without You Without Them,” a beautifully harmonized a cappella of the three singers. The song is such a powerful opening track because it shows listeners just how united they are as a band, despite their own individual successes. Although Phoebe Bridgers arguably has the largest fanbase out of the three, “Without You Without Them” proves from the very beginning that Boygenius is an equal and well-balanced team. They mix their personal talents to create music that may, for a brief moment, sound like their own individual albums, but will always collectively create a unique album they could only make together.

“The Record” is consistently melancholic like many of Bridgers’, Baker’s, and Dacus’ own songs, as they sing soulfully together about both the highs of new love, and the lows of long-lost relationships and declining mental health. But what changes routinely as the album plays is the sound of the song. For example, in “$20,” a bold percussion earworm, fans were shocked to hear Bridgers, a generally quiet and somber singer, let out an unhinged scream during the song’s bridge. Yet the very next song, “Emily I’m Sorry,” is a soft and echoing acoustic whose silky chords accentuate Bridger’s expressive vocals. All throughout the album, the artists masterfully switch back and forth between two moods. demonstrate their incredible versatility and their talent for telling a beautiful story with both loud electric sounds and gentle acoustics.

“The Record” is an impressive validation of artists’ immense talent, both individually and collectively. It is a brilliant addition to the indie genre, and as a powerful, catchy release, it promises inevitable success in Boygenius’ rapidly blossoming influence in the world of modern music.