The Creator’s Pleasant Addition to a Fan-Favorite Record

Abigail Elperin, Staff Writer

On March 31, genre-bending rap artist Tyler The Creator released “CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST: The Estate Sale,” seemingly as a deluxe version of the album he released in 2021. The new version includes eight new songs, starting with the reflective, bite-size “EVERYTHING MUST GO,” and concluding with the apologetic, driven, “SORRY NOT SORRY.” The new tracks seem to pick up right where the last left off, with Tyler’s first lyrics on “EVERYTHING MUST GO” looking back on the success of his last album and tour. He says, “Arenas all around the world / took another trophy home / thank you to every ear that listened, bought a ticket.” Among the new bundle of songs are many notable features, like Vince Staples on “STUNTMAN,” A$AP Rocky on “WHARF TALK,” and YG on “BOYFRIEND, GIRLFRIEND.” The features are blended effortlessly into the album, especially on the groovy, ear-worming “WHARF TALK.” The track feels like two close friends riffing off of each other over a funky beat. Another notable song is “BOYFRIEND, GIRLFRIEND,” which feels like it could have been taken from Tyler’s 2019 album “IGOR.” 

The new tracks on “CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST” represent a glimmer of true artistry in a sea of the music industry’s cash-grabbing releases: oftentimes, artists release a deluxe album with a few unreleased songs (that maybe should have stayed unreleased) without making any significant advances in their catalogue. Tyler The Creator, however, never manages to disappoint with his new releases. Fans of the artist have been well-fed this last week, with a new batch of fun tunes with pensive lyrics to add to their playlist. I recommend “The Estate Sale” for anyone who has previously enjoyed any sort of alternative hip-hop: these tracks will not be too out of left field, and should be an enjoyable release to music connoisseurs everywhere.