Tolo – Hit or Miss?

Riya Dasgupta, Staff Writer

From Homecoming to Prom, dances have always been a huge part of the vibrant social scene at IHS, with kids from all grades participating in these schoolwide events. While the other dances have a tendency to stay on the side of traditional, Tolo is more about the fun. From goofy themes to a whole spirit week to get you in the dancing mood, it is a dance one either loves or hates. This year’s theme, Bikers vs. Surfers, is no exception.

Last year’s Tolo theme, Heroes and Villains, was a dance loved by most. It received little online hate and had a huge turnout considering we were all still recovering from the aftermath of COVID. This year could not be more different. On the official ASB Instagram post where the theme was announced, most of the comments available can be seen berating the theme. @mayysamarie, with 22 likes, types “Noooo👎” and @joire_hope, with eight likes, asks if “this is the right move.”

It is not only online that students are expressing their hate for the theme and the dance. Junior Moriyah Brown states that she feels as though the “quality of ASB dances are definitely starting to decline. Last year’s Tolo dance was great; the theme was creative, and I had a blast. However, I’m not even going to go to the dance this year, and that is pretty much due to the theme.” Freshman Daniel Shunko thinks that “there were a lot of missed opportunities with this dance. ASB had the freedom to choose whatever theme they wanted for the dance and they chose the one most people seemed to not like.”

Perhaps because of Jorie, or perhaps not, ASB seems to also be questioning their previous choices regarding the Tolo theme. On Sunday, March 26th @issaquahasb posted a poll on their Instagram story. The question: “Should we expand the Tolo theme?” Answers were overwhelming. 89% of students who voted did in fact vote for an expanded Tolo theme, with a minority of 11% voting against one. With these uncontrollable results, even while there are only few days left until the dance, the ASB committee might have no choice but to expand the theme to students’ liking.

Some students have already thought about different “expanded theme ideas.” Senior Eliza Street states that ASB could expand it to “Casual vs. Dressed up” for students who “do not have anything fancy in their wardrobe, and for those who might have a few too many things!” Additionally, senior Abigail Tate says she would love the see a “Disney theme, or anything else fun.”

While the theme of a dance certainly plays a big part in the turnout, there are other reasons as to why many students are not going this year. Sophomore Gabrielle Maker states that she has “a ton of homework to get to, plus three tests the day after the dance. Normally, I think I would have gone, regardless of the theme, but there is just too much work this time of year for that to be a feasible option at the moment.”

Even with all the hate for the theme going around, we cannot forget about that 11 percent. Freshman Dashiell Lynch states, “for my first Tolo dance, the theme seems pretty good. I already have a lot of Hawaiian shirts, so I did not have to go out of my way to buy something ‘surfer’ themed for the dance. Besides, from what I can tell, the themes for Tolo are always a little goofy. It is not like this year is any different.” Sophomore Paige Meredith agrees with Lynch, stating that she was “happy with the Tolo theme. It is not a type of theme you would expect a lot of other schools to do, and so I think it is very unique. Plus, I already have a biker helmet and jacket, so it was not like I had to buy something crazy for the dance just to wear it once.”

Tolo is on April 1 from 8 pm to 11 pm. You can buy tickets for Tolo from March 13 until March 31. They can be bought before and after school, during passing periods, and during both lunches. No tickets will be sold online. There is a two ticket per person limit, and the actual price of a ticket is $15 with an ASB card, $20 without an ASB card, and $20 at the door. If you want to bring someone to the dance who does not go to IHS, you can fill out a guest form. Guest forms are due on the 30.

In conclusion, while the “Bikers vs. Surfers” theme is still subject to change, it seems as though it will be the thing driving away many from this year’s 2023 Tolo dance. And with that, students think it is unanimous that this year’s Tolo dance can be chalked up to a “miss.”