DECA 2023 International Career Development Conference Qualifiers


This year, Issaquah High School DECA held a record 47 students who qualified for the International Career Development Conference (ICDC), held in Orlando in April.

Qualifiers include:

  • Shaurya Jeloka & Neha Muramalla State Champs in Entrepreneurship Team Decision Making
  • Priyanka Subramanian – State Champ in Principles of Business Management and Administration
  • Marcus Heu-Weller – State Champ in Sports & Entertainment Individual Series
  • Aarushi Katyal – 2nd place in Business Services Operations Research
  • Hope Tran & Kali Coleman – 2nd place in Business Growth Plan
  • Ishaan Agarwal, Kunaal Chhabra, & Jeremiah Lwin – 2nd place in Finance Operations Research
  • Pavan Pervaje & Ashwin Suresh – 2nd place in Buying and Merchandising Team Decision Making
  • Elisha Reyes, Zoey Schuler, & Angela Su – 3rd place in Finance Operations Research
  • Mikayla McGrath, Ria Patil, & Vibha Shivarajan – 3rd place in Community Awareness Campaign Project Management
  • Pranav Alaparthi, Ishan Misro, & Pavan Vemparala – 5th Business Solutions Project Management
  • Rachel Chalissery & Prachi Taunk – 5th place in Business Law & Ethics Team Decision Making
  • Saahithi Gaddipati & Riddhi Sharma – 6th place in Buying & Merchandising Operations Research
  • Ava Gonzalez, Shaya Patel, & Rachel Pang – 6th place in Finance Operations Research
  • Kallen Rundle, Brooke Kennedy, & Alec Yildirim – 6th place in School Based Enterprise – Food
  • Roshy Rajesh & Calvin Wilding – 6th place in Business Growth Plan
  • Matthew Fischer – 6th Place in Automotive Services Marketing Individual Series
  • Ava Datta & Riya Jonnala – 6th place in Business Law & Ethics Team Decision Making
  • Nitya Shankar – 7th place in Retail Merchandising Individual Series
  • Arya Krishnamoorthy – 8th place in Quick Serve Restaurant Management
  • Shivani Gupta, Ellie Yoon, & Jemima Tamblyn – 8th place in Finance Operations Research
  • Shivani Gupta & Ellie Yoon – 9th place in Buying & Merchandising Team Decision Making
  • Sanya Kejriwal – 9th place in Entrepreneurship Individual Series Event
  • Elliot Cao & Matthew Lou – 9th place in Financial Services Team Decision Making
  • Ria Patil & Anusha Rao – 9th place in Hospitality Services Team Decision Making