Davis Causey’s ‘Rio Maya’: A Mediocre Song

Davis Causey’s ‘Rio Maya’: A Mediocre Song

Ryan Heuchert, Staff Writer

On Jan 27, guitarist Davis Causey released an album called ‘New Things From Old Strings.’ One of the songs in Causey’s newest album is an instrumental called ‘Rio Maya.’ This piece consists of some awesome elements such as guitar parts and a fading conclusion. On the other hand, the electronic sound is a little strange to hear in the song.  

To start off, “Rio Maya” has some amazing parts to listen to. The quiet rattling sound and Spanish sounding guitar riff give the introduction a mysterious tone. The song proceeds with some unique guitar solos that give off a relaxed mood. This transition between the tones is smooth, and the song utilizes flawless tremolo picking (picking one string repeatedly and quickly) to keep the tempo and add depth to the song. At one point, the song does have a key change. Key changes are a simple but useful method to keep the listener engaged. Finally, the song concludes with a slow fade out. Many today do not use this method anymore, so Causey including this in his music was refreshing to hear. 

The only element that really ruins the song is the electronic sound that can be heard throughout the piece. Using techno in this piece did not fit with the use of the other instruments. As a result, the middle of the song sounded more like the soundtrack to a workout video instead of a legitimate song. The use of electronic sounds by musicians has increased dramatically over the years because of new audiences. However, the sound should be used sparingly. This song is a good example of the consequences of too much techno. 

In conclusion, Davis Causey’s ‘Rio Maya’ is a fantastic song that is sadly ruined through the use of electronic sounds. Hopefully this song will remind future musicians that every element of a song matters.