Evergreen Philharmonic Gives Amazing Performance

Saahithi Gaddipati, Copy Editor

On Nov. 6, the Evergreen Philharmonic Orchestra had their debut, hosting a beautiful performance throughout the evening. The night started off with the Issaquah Middle School Honor Orchestra, who performed “A Birch Bay Celebration” and “Fire in the Forge.” After their pieces, the Evergreen Philharmonic Orchestra took the stage, beginning the night with “Academic Festival Overture.” Through the entirety of the performance, Evergreen played two other pieces: “March to the Scaffold from Symphonie Fantastique” and “The Noon Witch.” The three pieces each carried a story with them, their respective origins fitting perfectly in with the end of spooky season. Adding on to this theme was the cover of the program pamphlet, which featured senior Brandon Yeo’s art of a skeleton peering through a window. Though this concert was held a bit past Halloween, the extensive theming drew me back to late October, and the fantastic performance of Evergreen did not disappoint. 

Director Leah Weitzsacker comments on the commitment of the students who performed, stating, “Evergreen is a district wide program, and [the performers] have been sacrificing their Friday evenings to rehearse.” This commitment certainly paid off in the performance, where the musicians were in-synch and united to bring a unique experience to the audience. Violinist and senior Aria Wang states, “I felt very prepared because we have been practicing for this event all year.” The range in volume, the multiple moving parts of the orchestra, and the energy of the performers made this event truly unique. 

Bassist and junior Bella May comments on how she perceived the performance, stating, “It was definitely a lot of fun!” As an audience member, this was definitely visible through the energy of the orchestra; many members rocking their head along with the music. 

I highly recommend you stop by at the next Evergreen concert; the music is beautiful, and the hard work and determination of the players is clearly evident in the music. The next concert is Dec. 8, so make sure to stop by!