Overwatch 2 Is A Complete Failure

Overwatch 2 Is A Complete Failure

John Ryu, Staff Writer

Overwatch was a 2016 team-based, multiplayer, first-person shooter game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. The popular video game officially shut down on Oct. 3 and released Overwatch 2 the next day. This was blizzard’s biggest mistake, releasing a “new game” with barely any changes.

There are so many flaws in Overwatch 2. The first thing is the gun sound. The way the gunshot hits and shoots changed a lot from the original version, which was the worst change. From a subjective point of view, it ruined the gameplay. The next flaw is that the game does not feel like it is a sequel; it feels more like a huge update. Considering blizzard announcing Overwatch 2 in 2019 it is quite disappointing that they did not make much change to the game. 

The developers decided to buff heroes’ attack ability and nerf defense ability. Due to that and the player number decreasing from 12 to 10 total, Overwatch 2 became a more performance game rather than a tactical game. Another disappointing thing about it is that the new hero Sojourn is poorly made. Sojourn does not have anything that stands out, and it just feels like a copy version of the hero, the soldier. 

As of Oct. 6, the Overwatch rating on Google is 1.9 out of 5. The reason why Overwatch became dead was because of lots of cheaters and hackers, not because the game was not fun. Another way to enjoy the game was to play the game in a creative way, but in Overwatch 2 it feels more like who can last long in a fight, which makes the gameplay dull. In conclusion, Overwatch 2 did not improve on its problem and just made a completely “new” game. Due to many terrible changes, many users including myself are considering quitting the game.