Issaquah Loses Against Skyline in Oct. 21 Football game

Louis Violette, Staff Writer


The Issaquah Eagles lost 17-0 on the Oct. 21 football game even after the Issy defense prevented any scoring in the second half of the football game.

Initially, Issaquah scored a field goal at the start of the first quarter. Skyline scored both a touchdown and a field goal. With one second left on the clock in the second quarter, Skyline scored their second and final touchdown of the game. All game, it rained like a dam broke in the sky, after four months of drought. Luckily, despite all the rain and slick turf, no players were injured, but at one point a player was down for a few extra seconds.  In the second half of the game there were a total of four interceptions and three punts, as well as one fumble.

Athletic Director Frost talked about the rivalry between Issaquah and Skyline: “[The rivalry] is great, adds a bit to every game, ends up [with students] knowing each other [better].” He also talked about how Issaquah had a “solid defense” with a massive “40-ish yard pickup” from one side of the field to the other. Senior Seamus Walkiewicz said that the rivalry “is dope, kind of stupid, and dumb but funny,” and that the best play of the game was “the big gain” in the second half.

Since it was raining all night, there were many dropped footballs and interceptions because of the slick conditions. In the second quarter, Issaquah almost completed a make-or-break drive that put them 40 yards closer to the goal line. However, right after they had moved 40 yards down the field, they lost possession, giving Skyline the ability to score at the very tail-end of the second half.

Senior defensive lineman Michael Patrick says that senior running back Amauri Mountain had the best play when “Mountain took the ball down [the field] for 30 yards,” allowing Issaquah to be on Skyline’s side of the field. This play increased the morale of both the Issaquah team and their fans, which fell short on the next few plays as both Issaquah and Skyline threw interceptions or punted.

Issaquah had a choice on whether or not they should punt on fourth down or make a play, and most of the time Issaquah chose to make a play. Two of these times, Issaquah successfully got the ball past where they needed to get a first down and kept possession of the ball. But one or two times, there was a flag on the play, and the progress was lost or Issaquah had to replay the down, but back five yards, or 15 yards.

Senior linebacker Jackson Henry says that the best play of the game was the “catch by senior wide receiver Spencer Blumenthal, and when he broke [a] tackle in the third quarter.” Henry also said that the senior night game this upcoming Oct. 28 is “winnable, and I am very excited,” and that what went well about the game was their “defense. good job [to the] offense [as well], they have improved”.

In the end, Issaquah prevented Skyline from scoring any points in the second half, but were unable to score themselves. Thus, they lost with a final score of 17-0. Good luck in their next game!