“Stronger” by Thunderstorm Artis Delivers


Louis Violette, Staff Writer

The song “Stronger” by Thunderstorm Artis is about staying strong in times of trouble. Despite being a slow song, Stronger has an upbeat background and an overall theme that talks about getting stronger despite other circumstances dragging you down. Some might recognize this song as being part of the “country” genre, but when compared to Thunderbird Artis’s other songs, this is not country. A better genre that would describe this song is the “pop” genre. Much like a sea shanty, there is a strong bass drum providing drive.

In the first verse of the song, Artis sings, “I feel like a candle // waiting for a flame”, even though as a candle you can burn bright, you need something to light your fire in one way or another. Some highlights to this song are the overall theme of staying strong and needing/requesting help. Near the end of the song, Artis sings, “Oh I pray // that I stay strong” which leads the listener to subconsciously say this even if they might not need it. Artis is a smaller artist, but still makes wonderful music. An upside to slow music is that the song can take as long as it wants without the listener feeling the need for the song to end. A downside is that in this song around the 2:25 mark it feels repetitive and is like looking at a clock, waiting for something to end. Despite this being a single, it was adjusted for Grey’s Anatomy, which is a drama show about medical items and topics. What is interesting is that the adjusted version of “Stronger” is actually increased in length by one second. It doesn’t make much of a difference, given that the song is originally 2:58 and the adjustment makes it 2:59, but the difference is still fascinating.

In general, this is a wonderful song with its laid-back, slow feel and driving beat that I recommend you listen to whenever something is bringing you or another person down. “Stronger” is free on Spotify as a single album, Youtube, Shazam– which takes you to youtube, and Apple music you can get it as long as you are a subscriber. These are the top results in google if you search ‘stronger by thunderstorm artis’.