Issaquah Varsity Volleyball Suffers Tough Loss Against Newport

Ella Sharrers, Copy Editor

On Oct. 17, Issaquah’s Varsity Volleyball devastatingly lost to the Newport Knights, the Knights sweeping all three sets and the Eagles falling just short each round. 

While many Eagles had a great game individually, the team struggled to work cohesively in order to bring the team to victory. Senior Annie Lorenz stepped up to serve first, delivering an impressive beginning to the first set. The Eagles and the Knights both scored frequently during the set, but despite freshman Ariana Simms’ powerful slam, the Knights were able to pull ahead. The first set ended in Newport’s favor with a score of 25-21. The Eagles were not discouraged as the second set got underway, with Lorenz kicking off the first serve for the Eagles once again. The second set contained some intense, high-energy rallies between the Knights and the Eagles. Unfortunately, this still was not enough for the Eagles to claim victory. The Knights took this set once again with a score of 25-20. As set three began, confidence wavered in the Eagles. But with encouragement from the student section, the coaches, and fellow teammates, Issaquah played just as hard this third set. Junior Jordan Bevill delivered an intense serve, but alas, the Eagles lost this set just like the first, with the score coming in at 25-21. 

Head coach Tami Reese expressed pride in the fact that the Eagles “fought back in the third set,” also commenting on how, despite everything, the Eagles “stayed positive.” However, Reese knows that the match was not Issaquah’s best, saying how the team “could have played better overall… we could have passed [the ball] better.” Junior Rebecca Lowder conveyed similar feelings about the game, saying, “We could have come together sooner as a team, [and] been able to reset mentally from errors to focus on the next play.” Lowder was on the court for almost all of the game, and her determination to keep herself and her teammates motivated was clear and admirable. Despite this, Lowder says that she “was less loud and energetic than usual, but still consistent.” Lowder adds, “I am proud that I was able to adapt and quickly change my playing to respond to the other team’s strategy.” No matter the outcome, Lowder gave an inspiring performance, and she hopes to see the team “learn from this game and use it to strengthen our weaknesses to prepare for more pressured games like this.” Junior Olivia Miller feels alike to Lowder, discussing how she feels like the team’s “energy was off… we were playing not to lose instead of to win.” Miller brought a jaw-dropping performance in the second set of the game, and says she is “proud of [her] energy and hitting.” Lowder and Miller both hope that the team continues to work harder, get closer, and learn from this game. Coach Reese reaffirms that the team will “keep going, get better and show up each day to improve at practice.” 

Despite the heartbreaking loss to Newport, the Issaquah Eagles are optimistic for their remaining games, and hope to see nothing but improvement both as individuals and as a team.