Kid Cudi’s “Entergalactic”: Good but Nothing New  

Mason Rath, Staff Writer


By: Mason Rath 

Ever since his debut album “Man on the Moon: The End of Day,” Kid Cudi’s futuristic sounds and introspective lyrics have maintained their strong presence in the scene of alternative hip hop. Even those who do not keep up with rap can most likely remember the chorus of his most popular song, “Day ‘n’ Nite,” off the top of their heads. However, 13 years and eight albums later, it seems that Cudi’s most ambitious project yet, an album with a 93-minute Netflix animated special companion, does not experiment with enough innovative ideas to feel like a step forward. 

To say that “Entergalactic” is a bad album and that there are not any innovative songs would be an exaggeration. My personal favorite song from the album, “Livin’ My Truth,” keeps the general neo rock sound Cudi is known for, but it manages to bring a new type of energy. It is an upbeat, optimistic song that feels like a fun day out in the city, rather than a late night at home like most of Cudi’s work. This is exactly what artists like Cudi who have been around the block should aim for in their albums, sticking close to their root sound that gives them their identity, but branching out in creative new ways. Another example of this is “Can’t Believe It (feat. 2 Chainz)” which also takes Cudi’s unique sound in a new direction. Regardless of whether it is innovative or not, this album is still good. If nothing, it must be given props for its consistency, since when listening to this album by itself, there are not any boring tracks that throw me out of the trance Cudi masterfully cultivates, cranking the intergalactic atmosphere and theme present in most of Cudi’s music (not only in name) up to the max. 

 It is also notable to mention the TV special airing on Netflix. Though this review is focused on the album it is always interesting to see music artists channel their talents into other media. The story follows a man moving into a new city and pursuing a relationship with his new next-door neighbor. I think that hardcore Cudi fans and people who like romantic comedies will appreciate the special and enjoy the album more because of it. Overall, this album was a nice listen, but needs improvement because while the music was good overall, Cudi could have taken it in newer directions.