Patch 12.19 Buffs Syndra in “League of Legends”

Patch 12.19 Buffs Syndra in “League of Legends”

Austin Ryu, Staff Writer

On Oct 6, 2022, Riot games released their 12.19 patch on “League of Legends”. This patch brought drastic changes to the champion. The champion, Syndra, has been in the game since the game came out and all her abilities have been adjusted. In “League of Legends” each champion has four abilities in their kits: Q, W, E, and R. The changes in her stats are Base Health, Passive – TRANSCENDENT, Dark Sphere (Q), Force of Will (W), Scatter the Weak (E), and Unleashed Power (R). Syndra is vulnerable against assassins in the midlane.

Champions like Zed and Talon, they are champions who have high mobility and burst damage in game. Laning phase in “League of Legends” means that you go against them. They have effortless lanining phases against Syndra for her squishy stats. Her base health went down from 593 to 563. Although this may seem like a small modification to her health it is not negligible. When you are laning against a burst champion even a small difference matters a lot.

Syndra’s passive has been adjusted to give her late-game advantage. The passive allows Syndra to garner 120 Splinters of Wrath through damaging enemies and leveling up, which enhances her abilities. Each time she collects Splinters, she restores 20-215 (level 1- 18) mana. In League of Legends, AP is a term used to describe how much damage their abilities will wreak on enemies. At 120 Splinters she gains 15 percent of total AP. This means that Syndra will become a scaling champion in the League of Legends meta. The 15 percent AP for every 120 Splinters she garners will make her an absolute monster in the late game. This is a bit overpowering since 15 percent AP for every 120 splinters is a massive buff to Syndra . Syndra can obtain Splinters of Wrath by damaging an enemy with two abilities within four seconds, and she will gain a (1/2/3 Splinters at levels 1/11/18lvl.). She also gains five Splinters of Wrath by leveling up each time. Additionally, killing a cannon minion grants her one Splinters of Wrath. Her massive passive change was the spotlight of the 12.19 patch of “League of Legends”. The patch could encourage a lot of players to start playing Syndra again.

Syndra’s Q ability, “Dark Sphere” has also changed. Its cooldown is increased from four seconds to seven seconds. The mana cost decreased from (40/50/60/70/80 by levels 1/2/3/4/5) to (40/45/50/55/60 80 by levels 1/2/3/4/5). Her damage increased from 65 percent to 70 percent Syndra’s W ability, “Force of the Will” has gotten a buff. The radius of her W went from 400 units to 500 units.

Her E ability, “Scatter the Weak” has gotten some balancing work. Her cooldown stays constant for 15 seconds. The stun duration of her ability decreased from 1.5 seconds to 1.25 seconds. She also deals less magic damage, as she only deals 55 percent of her total AP which was 60 percent before. Her ultimate skill R, “Unleashed Power” received damage nerf. Damage per sphere has gone down from 20 percent to 17 percent of her total AP.

Patch 12.19 does a good job of refining Syndra’s stats and overall, her state in the game. If other assassin’s items get nerfed in future updates like Eclipse did this update, Syndra will dominate the midlane and her ban rate will soar. Still having an offensive and dominant late and early game is imperative to your teammates and it the biggest factor of winning.