“uh oh,” by Tate McRae: a Refreshing Pop Song

“uh oh,” by Tate McRae: a Refreshing Pop Song

Maya Colchamiro, Staff Writer

In Tate McRae’s “uh oh,” released September 30, 2022,  McRae combines intricate beats with catchy lyrics and an enticing story. Furthermore, McRae’s amazing voice ties everything together, perfecting the already incredible song. I would certainly recommend listening to this song, as it was enjoyable, only about three minutes long, and can be found for free on many major streaming platforms. While it is a pop song, listeners of all genres can enjoy the culmination of musical techniques. This is one of McRae’s many allures, as her songs are refreshing, catchy, and fun.

In this single, McRae identifies the relationship cycle she continually falls into. Many can connect with her message, as the 19-year-old singer attempts to be relatable within a great majority of her music. This can be identified in other hit songs like “you broke me first,” and “she’s all I wanna be,” where she expresses common struggles of insecurity and break-ups. By expressing these struggles, McRae produces a more meaningful song. The relevance and significance of the material makes McRae even more admirable.

Even those who cannot connect with McRae can still enjoy the musical elements of the song. McRae manages to avoid the typical “sound” of current pop artists, as her songs blend a deeper meaning with catchy lyrics and notes. Within the past six days, “uh oh” already has more than 5 million streams on Spotify, proving McRae’s talent and popularity.

To conclude, “uh oh” is an outstanding song that displays Tate McRae’s artistry and aptitude for producing music. I would personally recommend this song to anyone, even those who typically think pop music is “not their genre.” This release made me even more excited for the music McRae will produce in the future, and I think that others will share this same enthusiasm as listeners wait in anticipation for McRae’s next release.