“28 Reasons”: Seulgi’s Captivating Solo Debut


Ella Sharrers, Copy Editor

On Oct. 4, K-pop idol Seulgi, who is also an active member of iconic girl group, Red Velvet, made her debut as a solo artist with a mini album titled “28 Reasons.” The album includes six tracks that are creative, fresh, and written in a style that only Seulgi could pull off.

The title track and opener of the album, “28 Reasons,” is a dance-pop song with a dark ambience. The lyrics discuss an obsessive sort of attachment to a romantic interest, and Seulgi executes a complex concept in a jaw-dropping way. Seulgi is an absolutely captivating performer, and the first song in her solo debut sets up the scene for a twisted, yet elegant masterpiece told through music. She has a very distinct voice and style both in her dancing and singing, and “28 Reasons” is absolutely perfect for her.

After “28 Reasons” comes “Dead Man Runnin,’” followed by “Bad Boy, Sad Girl” featuring rapper BE’O, “Anywhere But Home,” “Los Angeles,” and finally, “Crown.” The entire album encapsulates genres of dance-pop and R&B. While I enjoy every song on the album, my favorite is a tie between “Bad Boy, Sad Girl” and “Anywhere But Home.” I love the calm tone of these two tracks, which are executed in such a way that they do not compromise the overall darker concept of Seulgi’s debut. I am a big fan of R&B, and “Anywhere But Home” is the perfect new addition to my playlist. 

Something I really admire about Seulgi is her incredible dancing. I was a bit disappointed to see that, while the choreography for “28 Reasons” is very dynamic and textured, it is a rather simple choreography. Of course, Seulgi executes it fantastically, but I wish the choreography involved a bit more substance and originality. It makes sense that it could be difficult to add a ton of detail to choreography that has to be done while singing live, but Seulgi has pulled off live performances with more complex choreographies in the past, and I wish that her solo debut allowed her more of an opportunity to showcase just how skilled she really is. 

While the album has definitely been receiving mixed opinions, I am happy to say that I enjoy every single track. Despite it not being the most show stopping debut I have ever seen, “28 Reasons” is still a fantastic introduction to who Seulgi is as a solo artist. I have been listening to the “28 Reasons” album nonstop ever since its release, and I am sure that longtime fans and brand new listeners will agree when I say that this album is exactly the new music we needed. Getting to see her explore a darker concept all on her own has been a greatly enjoyable experience. While she shines in Red Velvet, Seulgi is an utter powerhouse of talent and stage presence and I cannot wait to see what she does next.