Girls Soccer C-Team-Gold Dominates Woodinville on Oct. 5

Riya Dasgupta, Staff Writer

The Issaquah Eagles won 3-0 against the Woodinville Falcons after two amazing goals made by sophomore Daniella Menser and one by freshman Madelyn Kraemer, setting the Girls C-Team-Gold Soccer record to 4-1. Not only did the Eagles score three times as many goals as the Falcons, they also had twice as many attempts on the goal. This game has been the latest part of the Girls C-Team-Gold Soccer’s four-game winning streak, one that is sure to continue throughout the season. However, their future did not always look this bright, as it was only after halftime that the Eagles started scoring. At minute 53, sophomore Justine Wang kicked a short pass up to freshman Carenna Rutledge, who then made a wonderful long pass down the field to Menser, enabling her to shoot into the right lower corner of the goal with three players on her tail. Then, at minute 63, Rutledge once again lofted a remarkable long pass back towards Menser, who scored once more. The last point of the game was scored at minute 81, by Kraemer, who received the ball from Menser and then took it all the way to the net from the middle of the field.

While the Eagles of the Girls C-Team-Gold Soccer turned out to have played well, they were not sure how this game would go. Sophomore Kaitlyn Russell states that she “personally was nervous, just because this was one of [the team’s] first home games, and because we have heard that Woodinville was better than some of the other teams we have played. However, after we started playing we did not think there was anything to worry about as we were doing good.” Sophomore Ella Cook says that she is “proud of how well we played today, despite the pressure of this being a home game.”  C-Team Coach Tyler Bennett also confirms that he is “so proud of this team. They have been very coachable, listening day-in and day-out, and putting in the hard work. You could definitely how much effort was used in how we played the game and the overall outcome.”

While scoring in soccer can determine the outcome of a game, saving the ball is just as important. Freshman goalie Laila Motiwalla made some amazing saves today at many points in the game. Another additional key player here was Rutledge, who not once but twice gave amazing passes to Menser, allowing her to score on the other team. If you missed yesterday’s game, no worries! You can find the schedule for soccer games at . The next Girls C-Team-Gold Soccer game at home is at 6:30 pm on Oct. 12. We hope to see you there! Go Eagles!