The Raging War in Ukraine

Kennedy Eller, Staff Writer

On Thursday, Feb. 20, Russia proceeded to invade and attack Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. With the goal of occupying over two thirds of Ukraine, Russian soldiers were sent into battle with little instruction of what they should and should not do and what they were doing. Over 100 d days later, the war rages on as Ukraine continues to fight back against Russia with a surprising amount of resistance. The world has been shocked as Ukraine demonstrates their strength and determination to win against such a powerful country. Analysts still ponder on if the Russian army will surrender or ask for a treaty due to the spent force, of heavy casualties, high weapon losses, poor morale, and weak planning and logistics.

Looking into the future, it is unclear if there will be a clear winner. The west has been supplying a multitude of weapons for Ukraine which has increased the chance of Ukraine securing a victory against Russia. In doing so, Russia has lost respect from foreign countries, many of their own citizens, and dignitaries who have gone to fight for Ukraine. This includes former Vice President of Gazprombank, Igor Volobuyev who said “The moment war broke out, I knew right away I wanted to go and defend Ukraine” in an interview in the Ukrainian capital. Junior Abby Roll states that, “we should be involved and defend Ukraine especially since they need help. The United States could be doing more.”

The United States becoming involved has been controversial due to the threat of nuclear war by President Putin in Russia. As the threat of nuclear war become more considerable, President Biden called his threats “irresponsible” in his discussion with the United Nations. Sophomore Jorie Doughtery said, “the threat of nuclear war is scary, especially as it could turn into World War 3 and no one wants that.” The internet has toyed with the idea of World War 3 through a multitude of memes and jokes, but now that it grew in possibility many have stopped. With forces in allied countries, Putin has to be strategic in his attacks because if the Russian army grows too close to countries such as Poland, the US reserves the right to defend their allies and it would have been Russia who started the war. Neither side wants nuclear war, it is deadly and could be catastrophic to the world.

As the war rages on, Ukraine has asked the United States for more support in the form of weapons. President Zelenskyy of Ukraine said , “we keep telling our partners that Ukraine needs modern anti-missile weapons. Our country does not have enough of [these] yet, but it is in our country and right now that Europe has the greatest need for such weapons.” President Zelenskyy has been the model leader of his country during this time. He has been photographed going and fighting with his troops, working in the front lines, and consistently being involved. When asked to be airlifted out of Ukraine by US forces, he declined so he could stay with his troops. Senior Kyra Schwartz mentioned, “Zelenskyy is the most inspiring leader. He works hard and is very
invested, I could never see a US president today out leading his troops in such a way. Most would have taken the air lift out to safety.” Schwartz makes an excellent point, most presidents would not do what Zelenskyy is doing; it is true leadership. In one of Zelenskyy’s updates he said, “But we have to hold strong … The more losses the enemy suffers, (the) less strength it will
have to pursue its aggression.” Zelenskyy is the modern face of what a president should look and act like, and will continue to be throughout this war.

Russia has proved its military strength throughout history, so it is shocking that such a tiny country such as Ukraine has the ability to fight back with such power. This war has been going on since February and is unknown as to when it will be over. There have been multiple attempts at a treaty, but no resolutions as of now. Ukraine is a small country, but continues to preserve daily through this tragedy.