“Harry’s House” is The Best Album Release Yet

Kennedy Eller, Staff Writer

On May 20, Harry Styles released his powerful album titled, “Harry’s House.” If you are a Harry Styles fan or kept up with the music festival, Coachella, you know that he performed two unreleased songs from the album, which brought serious hype and high expectations, beyond the already lofty anticipation due to it being a Harry Styles album. Styles exceeded expectations with an amazing album about falling in love with oneself and romantiticizing life and love. With a good mix of serious songs and happy songs, “Harry’s House” is more intimate and soft than its predecessor, “Fine Line.”

Throughout the album, there were a lot of feelings in the songs. However, I could not choose a favorite. I have two favorite songs, one being “Love of My Life” and the other being a fan favorite, “Late Night Talking.” “Love of My Life” focuses on Styles’ love of England where he lived for a bit. It is sweet, intimate, close, and emotional. The slow and emotive ballad brings a sense of peace and calm, while being a bare, and open song. “Late Night Talking” has a differing energy. With its ‘70s inspiration, the lyrics are upbeat and happy, as they illustrate late night talking and the pure joy of conversing for hours with no sense of time. It radiates excitement and joy within a growing relationship and keeps the euphonious and intimate vibe that is consistent throughout the album,
while also being an energetic, upbeat, and happy song. Overall, I do not think I could choose an absolute favorite because most of the songs are really well written and I enjoy listening to them.

While there were multiple amazing songs, there is always one that is not my favorite. Contrary to popular opinion, I have a distaste for “Music for a Sushi Restaurant.” It felt random and did not embody the same lyrical strength that the other songs had. I liked the first verse, but going into the chorus and the rest of the song, I did not like it as much. I could listen to it, but it is most definitely not my favorite. The song depicts an outing to a sushi restaurant with the ones you love and the comfort of the experience. As I continue listening to the song, it grows on me, but it doesn’t meet the expectation I had for it. I appreciate that the song keeps up with the ‘70s era style and excels in the amount of energy it expresses. I think it could have been a good single or on a different album, but it felt awkward in “Harry’s House.”

There are many more amazing songs on the album, such as “Grape Juice,” “Matilda,” and “Boyfriends.” Harry Styles demonstrated his more personal and intimate side with this album, which paid off as more songs continue to climb the charts. Overall, Styles did an amazing job with every song. Each one has its own message but they all fit together, and he embodies his building of a home within “Harry’s House.”