Beabadoobee’s Thrilling New “Lovesong”


Abigail Elperin, Staff Writer

On May 26,  the frilly-named Beabadoobee released her newest single of sad indie perfection. The track, titled “Lovesong,” recalls memorable moments with a significant other, including telling of when they “first met in fall.” Beabadoobee, also known as Beatrice Laus, is a 22-year-old Filipino-British singer. She first garnered mainstream attention with her mega hit “death bed (coffee for your head)” in collaboration with Powfu. The song earned over one billion streams (with the help of TikTok), and Beabadoobee is widely regarded as a modern temple of indie and chilled-out bedroom pop. 

Lovesong” is certainly not a betrayal of Beabadoobee’s classic style of music. The song features melancholy, reminiscent lyrics, backed by predominantly acoustic-sounding guitar instrumentals. The song may not be a radio-friendly chart topper, but it undoubtedly has a clean, attractive feel to it that will surely land it on soundtracks and playlists aplenty. This is a melody-driven song, with many repeat lyrics or scattered “doo-doo-doo”s all over the track. In my opinion, the sweet melody is the best part. The guitar backing paired with the naïve, soft tune allows for a rare kind of peaceful, emotional validity. To have to carry the weight of all of your experiences and memories is life’s perpetual curse, but Beabadoobee manages to soothe day-to-day struggles with exhilaratingly romanticized lyrics paired with a tenderhearted melody. The album cover works to invoke some sense of curiosity about the song, with it appearing to be a collage of whimsical beings and humanoid faces, all shaded in bright crayon and colored pencil. It leaves one to wonder what the artist was thinking when this album cover came into conception, leading to interest in the song itself.  

This song will surely serve Beabadoobee’s audience in many ways, appealing to the taste they have already grown to know and love. I see myself listening to this track on my headphones when I first arrive at school, particularly if the day is foggy and I am feeling a little nostalgic. “Lovesong” is a love song I have come to appreciate, and I encourage listening to it.