Greenwood Concert Highly Recommended

Maya Colchamiro, Staff Writer

On June 2, the Greenwood orchestra performed their final spring concert. The orchestra played wonderfully as their music flowed effortlessly. The concert was both classic and modern, and was extremely well done. My favorite song that the orchestra played was “Out of Time,” because I enjoyed the transitions which connected each section. Another favorite of mine would be the first song that they played, “To the Ocean.” I enjoyed this song because it sounded quite peaceful and serene. The title is extremely fitting as I felt as if I was surrounded by something as peaceful as nature. The performance had certain intense songs, like the concluding song, which orchestra director Leah Weitzsacker referred to as something “out of batman.” This concert was the perfect concluding event, as it ended an amazing season of wonderful music.

I have never had a particular interest in orchestral music, but this concert was persuasive as it was beautifully performed. I left feeling relaxed and calm, and I would definitely recommend attending an orchestra concert. Even if you are not currently a fan of this genre of music, I believe that exposing yourself to new opportunities can help you discover your true passions. I certainly believe the $5 that I spent were well worth it, especially since this money supports music at Issaquah High School. While the majority of the audience was made up of family and friends, anyone is welcome, and everyone should attend. This event was the perfect spring concert, and the talent of the Greenwood orchestra was widely appreciated