Post Malone’s New Hit Single Recommended

Post Malones New Hit Single Recommended

Carly Woodfield, Staff Writer

Post Malone, a popular rap artist, recently released a new single featuring Roddy Ricch. This is not the first time Post Malone and Roddy Ricch have collaborated on a song. In Malone’s past track “Wow,” they collaborated. Post Malone is a pretty chill rapper compared to some other rap artists which gives him his own style. Post Malone and Roddy Ricch’s new song called “Cooped Up” was released on May 12. 

I enjoy this song because I like the beat and the lyrics. I do not feel this song is very out of Malone’s comfort zone due to the fact that it has a similar feel compared to his other songs. I do not think it is a bad thing that this new song is not too different from his others because it fits his vibe and will likely be a well-liked song by his following. Although I do feel that the collaboration with Ricch adds a bit more depth to the song rather than if it was just Malone through the whole song. Malone mentions expensive things in this song a lot, for instance, “Gucci my Prada, Miyake Louis, Bottega, and Tommy.” Malone, like many other rappers, sings about riches and things money can be. I do not particularly like that aspect because it does not set Malone aside from other rappers with the things he sings about. Overall, I enjoy the vibe of the song and I feel like you do not have to be in a certain mood to listen to the song compared to a lot of songs you need to be in a specific mood to enjoy. This song, personally, I feel like I could listen to anytime. 

I would recommend listening to Post Malone and Roddy Ricch’s new song “Cooped Up,” especially if you like pop and rap music genres. This upbeat song is very catchy and a great new addition to your playlist.