Great Flow on “Class Act” by Rell Moore


Steven Moore, Staff Writer

Rell Moore is a rap artist from the greater Seattle area. His beats and flow with past hits is what attracted me to his music. He released his new album called “Class Act” on May 29, with several intriguing artists. Most noticeably, Seattle rapper Marco Money appears on a track. Marco Money has been one of my favorite artists for a while now, so I was looking forward to seeing what they could put together. Rell Moore is newer to big music apps such as Apple Music and Spotify, which means he is just getting started and he is headed on the right path. 

There were several songs in this album that I was a fan of. My favorite, “Did That,” featuring Marco Money had the best beat and lyrics on the album. This song was versatile, with a relaxed flow and pace to it. One impressive thing in it was how both of their voices were heard throughout the whole track. In the beginning, Rell starts off and Marco shortly picks up, which sets the tone well for how the song was going to sound. Another song that I enjoyed was “Pray4me,” which I thought also did a good job balancing an adjustable beat with fitting lyrics. Lastly, the song “Pressure” took on a more trap style beat, while still maintaining a good melody.  All three songs combined created a good backbone for the album as a whole. There also were not any songs that I particularly disliked, which is rare when new music comes out of any genre. 

Overall, Rell Moore has done a great job jump-starting his music on new platforms by introducing a new style of music that combines multiple elements from all of the most common artists. This album was just one example, and I look forward to listening to more of his music in the future.