Why Roe v. Wade Should Not Be Overturned

Claire Hein, Staff Writer

Roe v. Wade was a landmark decision made by the Supreme Court on Jan. 22, 1973. The Court ruled that the Constitution protects a woman’s decision to have an abortion without restriction from the United States government. A woman’s decision to get an abortion should be decided by the individual and not the government, given it is her own body. In current politics, this topic continues to be controversial. The Supreme Court is now debating the subject of abortion and aiming to take away the rights of women in the United States.

From the beginning of time, women have dealt with having fewer rights and freedoms. Our rights should not be taken away from us as women are still not treated as equal to men. Oyez says that “in the first trimester of pregnancy, the state may not regulate the abortion decision; only the pregnant woman and her attending physician can make that decision.” This was stated on behalf of the law when Roe v. Wade was made many years ago. With everything else going on in politics and the economic state of the world, there was absolutely no need to take this step of taking away our rights regarding abortion, but sadly, women across the world have been suffering with this even since Roe v. Wade was decided. CNN states that “as Paris Hatcher, Founder and Director of Black Feminist Future said via email: ‘Too many of our communities in the US have been existing in a pre-Roe reality. With few clinics and ever mounting bans and restrictions, abortion access is still legal yet out of reach.’” Struggling with having rights is not new to women across the world, but in such a progressive country, it makes no sense why they are planning to strip us of our rights now. Abortion is a woman’s decision simply because she is making a decision about her own body. The government has absolutely nothing to do with it, and frankly, only creates more harm than help in these cases. 

Abortion has positive effects that should be supported by the government. According to The New York Times this includes “allowing more women to engage in wage labor, for example, or all but eliminating the social pressures that once led to shotgun marriages.” Additionally, in certain cases like rape, incest, and teen pregnancy, some women are simply not fit to have a child at that time. If the government forces all women to give birth, these children might just end up straight into the foster system and will grow up in bad conditions. This is certainly not helping the world, nor the women bearing these children. 

On the other hand, some may say that it is immoral or wrong to abort a pregnancy at any stage because it is a child, but this has been proven wrong because, for the first nine weeks at least, it is not even considered a fetus. I personally see no valid points from the anti-abortion community, and this overturn of Roe v. Wade is a loss for all women. The government should keep their laws off of women’s bodies, as it is not fair in the slightest.