Peter McPoland’s Newest Release: “Slow Down”

Jenni Young, Staff Writer

Peter McPoland is a musician who has released several songs since going viral on Tik Tok in April 2020. On May 13, McPoland released his first album, “Slow Down.” His active presence in the media since gaining popularity holds the hope of a rise to fame for the young performer.

McPoland’s album “Slow Down” starts with “String Lights,” a tune that is slow and melancholy, focusing on the theme of growing up and how hard it can be for many. The song is sentimental as it reminisces on old memories and exhibits complex emotions that many face as they transition to adulthood. I recommend taking a listen, but fair warning that it contains explicit lyrics.

The next song, “Come Around,” is a stark contrast to “String Lights,” starting with a major guitar vamp that transitions to happy lyrics and light drums. This song is very light-hearted and dreamy, all about desperately waiting for someone to reciprocate interest in you. It’s a flirty and fun upbeat tune.

Following “Come Around” is a heartbreaking song called, “Let Her Remember,” which is written from the perspective of a lover desperately trying to get their ex-partner to remember their memories together. The melancholy piano and devastating tone in McPoland’s voice make this song extremely impactful. Through sharing his vulnerability, he is connecting with people in a deep way.

“Slow Down” is the next song in the collection. The song is a plea for his partner to wait for him and understand that he needs to slow down and protect himself from falling behind. This song lacked meaning because the lyrics were quite confusing.

The following tune, “Mary Anne” is a continuation of the end of “Slow Down.” However, the mood of this song shifts to an upbeat tune, urging “Mary Anne” to see the beauty in life and love herself. I found it to be a cute song with an uplifting message.

“Dead Air” is the second to last song on the album, and it starts with a dark melody and swearing. This song is explicit and to be transparent, I chose to not listen to the whole song because I disliked the swearing and crude language.

The last song on this album is “News at 9” which is a crushing song about domestic abuse. The song uses the sound of sirens in the background to further promote the extreme devastation felt in the melody. It was very emotional and exemplifies the raw and meaningful lyrics McPoland often publicizes. However, it was too depressing for my liking.

All in all, McPoland’s album shows a lot of promise for his future endeavors as a musician. He showcased contrasting tunes, all while maintaining his alternative style. I would encourage anyone to give his songs a listen.