The Owl House Season 2 Finale Hurt Me Emotionally


Quetzalcoatl Dalupan, Staff Writer

“The Owl House”, a show first released in 2020 on Disney XD has just aired it’s second season finale on May 25. The show follows main character Luz Noceda, a young dorky teenage girl, as she’s tossed into a world full of witches and magic called the Demon Realm. She finds she’d much rather remain there instead of go home to summer camp. In this new world, Luz finds herself longing to become a witch herself and go to magic school. Eda, a wanted criminal, and her little friend King take her in and act as her guide in the new world.

The show is infamous for its dynamic animation, great storytelling and representation. Due to this, it has built up quite the fanbase over its short run time of just over two years. With fantastic character development and a vast world of mysteries to explore, the show clearly has always had a goldmine of potential for side plots and great minor characters.

Unfortunately, Disney has cut the third season short and instead of a full season of 20-24 minute episodes, it will be comprised of three different 50 minute episodes all acting as the story’s conclusion in one final finale. Regardless of this, the rest of the show can be enjoyed perfectly fine by itself.


Throughout the show, Luz finds new friends in students from the magic school that she eventually attends. She also learns many aspects of being a witch alongside many magic spells that she must use to defeat the evil Bellows, a tyrant who has brainwashed most of the world.

The season two finale brings everything together perfectly as it sets up for season three. It reveals new information the fans were excited for, shows a special romantic moment between characters that was anticipated since the beginning of the series, and most of all it has one major development that’s been teased for quite a while. Luz finally returns to the human world after being trapped in the Demon Realm.

Lord Bellows, the main antagonist, finally reveals his true self and enacts his plan to destroy the world in which he previously ruled over.

There’s a lot to like in the show, for one, the fantastic connection between the characters, from romantic to platonic. Every character is likeable in their own way, except for Hunter of course. The supposed ‘Redeemed’ character who only became ‘good’ after the main antagonist that he served betrayed him. How surprising that would happen.

Two major things happened that left the audience with emotional scars. One being the moment Eda attempts to self-sacrifice to stop Bellow’s plan only to be stopped by an ex lover, Raine, who was attempting to keep her safe throughout the whole show. The next was the separation of Luz and King when he pushed her back through the portal to the human world to protect her from the chaos unfolding in the Demon Realm.

The finale left me and many others wanting more.

Now, if only there was time for twenty more adventures.