Senior Spotlights

Jenni Young, Staff Writer

As our school year comes to a close, the class of 2022 is leaving the nest, off to bright futures. Each student has a unique path that will shape this new phase of their lives. Whether it is attending a university, joining the military, or taking a gap year, whatever their plans may be, their accomplishments and lessons from high school will spring them forward with confidence and maturity toward their upcoming adventures in adulthood. It is important that we celebrate these hardworking students for all they have done, and all they will continue to do in life, while gaining insight from their advice and experiences. 

Senior Josh Delgadillo is attending Stanford University in the fall. He is planning to study computer science and minor in music. He plans to start his career as a software engineer until eventually he has the means necessary to take on a mentorship position. He says, “I really want to find a way to be someone that can help other Hispanics enter college. I think Stanford will help me and give me a lot of credibility. I can also meet a lot of other people that have similar ambitions. I’m really excited to see if I can bring other people to my cause.” Delgadillo’s virtuous goals are inspiring to everyone around him as he reaches for his dreams that will help others reach for theirs. He advises that when preparing for college applications, “Don’t compare yourself to other people. The point is to be unique and not someone else. Not doing what you’re passionate about is probably the worst thing you can do.” Delgadillo promotes the idea that you should always strive for your fullest potential and not be afraid to stay true to you. 

Hallie Graves is a senior that attends Bellevue College. Her path will start with a gap year while simultaneously finishing up her credits to gain her associates degree from Bellevue College. After that, she plans to attend a university and major in photography, studio art, or business, with a minor in psychology. Graves says, “It took a lot of experimenting and a lot of thinking about what I could see myself being happy doing. I went from wanting to be a therapist, I wanted to be a doctor at one point, and I even thought about doing physical therapy, and then I realized that my passion was more creative and more artistic.” During her gap year she plans to travel and focus on growing her own creativity and taking care of her mental health. Graves says, “We’re still so young and we haven’t really had the opportunity to explore our passions without school getting in the way. Personally, I just wanted to feel more grounded before going into that.” As she reflects on high school, she reveals, “I wish I had learned that school is not everything. I wish I had learned that there are more options than what society was offering me. I learned that I couldn’t be productive in school if I wasn’t being productive in my life.” After graduating from a four-year university, Graves plans to continue her studies at esthetician school to focus on skincare and building a resume for potential entrepreneurship, inspired by her business-owning parents. Graves is yet another example of a senior who is daring greatly while staying true to herself and her needs. 

Seth Anderson is a senior whose path is both unique and courageous. He plans to attend Bellevue College and seek out a career in stand-up comedy. Anderson states, “I’ve always liked doing things on stage, and I felt like this was the thing I could do while getting a degree if it doesn’t work. I’m going to try to do something in business just because I feel like that’s kind of important for a lot of different fields. You can get a lot of jobs with a business degree.” Bellevue College was the right choice for Anderson for many reasons. Not only is it close to home, but it is also fairly cheap. In addition, Anderson says, “I’m going to have a lot more time, and hopefully be able to perform in some comedy clubs in Seattle because I’ll be eighteen.” These factors all make this plan a great fit for Anderson’s future ambitions. With a secure foundation in a business degree, Anderson is setting himself up for a supported life, while simultaneously chasing his dreams. 

Lastly, Miranda Lau is a senior who is attending the highly acclimated Harvey Mudd. She is planning to study chemistry to focus on a STEM based career. While discussing the benefits of Harvey Mudd, Lau states, “It’ll help me specify in my interests and go more in depth with everything I want to learn. It’s very unique, it’s very STEM based, but it also prioritizes the humanities which I don’t want to just leave after high school. And it has a very small community with a bunch of research opportunities that I don’t think you can find anywhere else.” For Lau’s goals and aspirations, Harvey Mudd was the right fit for her future. Many underclassmen that have similar academic dreams wonder how they can be admitted into such revered schools. Lau advises to start early. She says, “I heard about Harvey Mudd my freshman or sophomore year and when I really started looking into colleges, I knew that one was my favorite, so I applied early admission,” Lau’s biggest piece of advice is, “Don’t overthink everything, everything happens for a reason. So, if there’s a little tiny bump, don’t stress over it.” Lau also kept her grades and extracurriculars up, participating in several clubs and academically rigorous classes including AP Chemistry and Organic Chemistry to better prepare her for major. As she continues to this next chapter of her life, Lau states that the largest obstacle she continues to face is herself. We can all be a little bit kinder to ourselves and recognize our accomplishments. 

Each one of these seniors has a unique purpose and dreams that have driven them towards achieving their potential. None of their plans are alike because each of these students exemplify and live by the importance of staying true to yourself and fulfilling your own capabilities. So let us celebrate every senior by applying their examples and advice to make decisions in our life that will bolster our individual creativity and possibilities.